FIA still not satisfied with Ferrari’s ERS

It appears that the FIA are to use better method of measurement for Ferrari’s electrical energy systems to truly understand if the team are deploying more power than is allowed by the rules.

After Monaco FIA race director Charlie Whiting said that they were now satisfied with Ferrari’s ERS, but according to a new report by FIA will continue to monitor it.

Earlier it was reported that new software were fitted to monitor Ferrari’s ERS. Refuting these reports Charlie Whiting said that no extra sensors were fitted to Ferrari in Monaco Grand Prix and instead they had to adopt a more complex approach to monitor the system.

Now according to, the software will be fitted from Canadian Grand Prix.

Charlie Whiting said, “Via a complex routine we were able to be satisfied that the Ferrari was OK,” said Whiting. “But we don’t want to have to go through that all the time in order to make sure, so we would rather additional measurements are made.

“What we will have for Canada will be a better system which will help us get things done much, much quicker, because it’s taken us a couple of races to get to the bottom of it.

“We want them to put extra monitoring on, but at the moment we’re having to do it in a painstaking way. It takes a little longer than we would like. We’ll arrive at the same conclusion, I would imagine. In Canada they will be providing a change of software.

“What we’re trying to do is to monitor exactly what the differences between the two halves of the battery are. That’s the crux of the matter.

“Other systems treat their battery as one. Ferrari, it’s one battery, but they treat it as two. That’s the fundamental difference, I don’t think it’s a secret I’m giving away there.”

When asked about how easy or difficult it would be to fit those sensors he replied, “It’s not simple, because these things, not only are they sealed, because they only have two if them for the season, it’s not just a straight matter of plucking a sensor off the shelf, and putting it on. It needs better integration for that.

“I’m not sure when any more additional sensors can be fitted. Probably not until next year, if the truth be known.”

Conceding that this has been one of the difficult problems to address he said, “We really have been trying to get to the point where we are entirely satisfied that the power being delivered to the MGU-K is correct.

“It was difficult to explain exactly what we were seeing, that’s what we kept going through with Ferrari, because it’s a very complex and totally different system to anybody else’s.

“And in much the same way as we do with other bits of the car, we have to understand these things, it just took us a bit longer to understand what was going on.

“Their duty is to satisfy us that the car complies, as you know, but they were finding it hard to satisfy us.

“I think it’s wrong to say that Ferrari didn’t communicate, because they’ve been very helpful the whole way.

“It’s just been very painstaking and detailed work to try to get to the bottom of how their system works, and hence give us the comfort that we need.”

This new development begs a question if they were satisfied after Monaco then what prompted them to continue to monitor Ferrari’s ERS? Did Ferrari’s rival protest? Or they found something fishy and now they want to probe further?

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  1. Alternatively during the investigation they have discovered a way to cheat the system. So they are going to close the loophole but not till next year!!!
    Realistically if they are using basic ‘clamp meter’ type sensors you can easily fiddle the figures by using a specially made coaxial type cable that has some insulated conductors in the middle with the reverse current flowing in it. That would cause a simple clamp meter to give inaccurate readings!!

    Lets face it all the manufacturers have hundreds of engineers trying to get the best performance while not breaking the rules enough to get disqualified. The FIA have just a few engineers to try and police and interpret the rules.

  2. The FIA and Liberty Media are trying to put the screws to Ferrari to agree to the 2021 reg and payment changes. If they want a war with Marchionne they’re going about it in the right way.

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