Jean Todt 2021: “We must go backwards”

The proposal to change the power unit regulations is in the process of finalisation.

The current set of power unit regulations which heralded the hybrid era, is in force since 2014 and is set to change from 2021.

The FIA presented its proposals for the 2021 PU regulations, under which teams would continue to use 1.6 litre, V6 turbo hybrid engines, but without MGU-H which is considered to be most complex and costly elements.

Formula One is considered to be the seat of innovation and the technology used here trickles down to road going cars. Even though current PUs are emblematic of innovation but made things too complex.

Talking about 2021 plan FIA President Jean Todt said, “We wanted to take as much as we learned from the existing regulations and to try to make things more simple.”

“It’s a beautiful piece of art, of technology, but I hear well that it’s maybe not what the fans are expecting.

“It’s not something that is absolutely needed to have a good championship.

“So I think it’s important that we can learn out of it, and propose something which is supposed to be more simple.

“For me motorsport, and I have been saying that every time, is on one side a show, but it is not enough.

“It has to be also a laboratory. A laboratory for the manufacturers, a laboratory for the teams, and a laboratory which can then be profitable on road cars as much as we can. And it is what is happening.

“Saying that, if you think that it has been maybe a bit too far, you must be prepared to go a bit backwards.

“At the end of the day I’m sure that over the years the engine will be even more efficient without MGU-H.”

On plans to finalise the 2021 regulations he said, “We are progressing quite well on the engine.”

“We are close to respecting the deadline we have to publish the engine regulations for 2021, and I hope that it may create some interest for some new manufacturers.

“There is interest, but between interest and commitment there’s a big difference.”

He accepted that finalising 2021 regulations is a lengthy process. He said, “I’m optimistic that we should have some clear understanding by the end of the year.”

The hybrid era saw Mercedes dominating. Will we have another team dominating after the changes come in to force or it will bring teams closer in terms of level of competitiveness? The answer to this question lies in the future, but we hope it makes Formula One more interesting.

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  1. “The FIA presented its proposals for the 2021 PU regulations,”

    It was in fact Liberty Media and not the FIA…………..

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