Haas: Grosjean is an “Easy Target”

You don’t kick a guy in his face when he is on his knees- Steiner.

Was 3 grid penalties for Grosjean unfair? Haas F1 team principal thinks so.

Grosjean has endured a difficult season thus far and except for the Australian Grand Prix it has been his undoing. In the Spanish Grand Prix last Sunday he was in the eye of the crash collecting two other drivers with him in the first lap itself. For this incident he has been given 3 grid penalties for Monaco.

Many people feel it is a bit harsh and are of the opinion that the mistake to an extent was induced by Kevin Magnussen.

As per a report by Autosport Haas Formula One team Principal Gunther Steiner has come forward in his defence. He said the penalty was like “kicking a guy in the face when he’s on his knees” he was also of the view that Grosjean had been treated more harshly.

He was of the view that in the heat of the moment Grosjean made a decision which didn’t work out and said “For me it’s a start incident – whatever you do, afterwards it will be wrong. He didn’t do anything stupid at the start. It’s not that he tried to overtake, or brake late, or that he understeered into anybody.”

He further added “In the moment his reputation is not the highest one. He’s an easy target.”

He also said that right now Grosjean needs help and they are going to give him that.

Probably this is what he needed as currently he is leading the timesheet in the Barcelona in-season test and has completed 73 laps in total.

Haas are fourth best team and we hope he turns the season on its head and get points for his team.

Was the 3 grid penalties a bit harsh or fair let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. Doing donuts in the middle of the track does make him “an easy target” – one the Hulk and Gasly couldn’t miss…

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