Amazing details revealed on Ferrari’s F1 Mercedes beater

If like many TJ13 readers you too are keeping up with the testing today, you may like to know a little more about the most likely car to take the fight to Mercedes in 2018; the Ferrari SF71H.

Big questions were asked by the end of 2017. Clearly last year’s Ferrari had the measure of the Mercedes initially, but lost pace with development. Generally a Mercedes beater at the lower speed tracks but suffered with high drag on the fast circuits.

TJ13 can thoroughly recommend Marc Priestley’s analysis on the car, it’s an interesting watch. Marc is an ex McLaren No.1 mechanic who was involved during the team’s championship winning year of 2008 with Lewis Hamilton. Many who follow Formula E in the UK might recognise him from the terrestrial TV coverage as a studio pundit but also from Sky Sports F1’s ‘The F1 Show’.

He has great insight into the Formula 1 and has started ‘Vlogging’ on YouTube. Please head on over to his channel and subscribe for updates.

Today we already published an article on Verstappen and Ricciardo’s Red Bull, detailing the technical aspects of Adrian Newey’s latest efforts, analysis by technical expert Marc. Follow this link to learn more.

3 responses to “Amazing details revealed on Ferrari’s F1 Mercedes beater

  1. Lost pace with development?

    After a quite destructive Asian campaign Ferrari were always on the back foot but they were unquestionably the car to beat in Malaysia. And other than Abu Dhabi, they were on the pace at all circuits after the Monza drubbing.

    In fact, in some races, Mercedes turned up with upgrades that did not work and had to revert to previous set-ups!

    According to many, Ferrari needed to secure the title by Singapore otherwise the remaining tracks favoured the silver cars. Yet other professionals stated at seasons end that overall the Ferrari was the best car.

    Personally, luck and an inspired end of season from Hamilton secured Mercedes the crown

    • Or that Mercedes just had the better overall package?Car,Engine and driver???Surely the best car won the World Championship the same as the 3 previous seasons?

  2. What hit the Ferrari last year was the loss/forced removal of the oil burning system on the engine. As soon as the powers clamped down on this loop hole the engine developed unreliability and power loss. It was a down hill slope from that point

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