F1 2018 – Red Bull in a disaster & Mercedes luck changing

Note from the Judge 13 – We at TJ13 have always tried to be a little different to other F1 websites, striving to give you opinion and inside whispers from our team sources. We also pride ourselves at providing a platform for fans to write and submit content on a media outlet that reaches well over half a million individuals per year.

Granted, TJ13 can be a controversial read, particularly when passions are high; but we revel in this fact. If you want boring, go read the plethora of other mundane news sites or Joe Saward.

Here we have something quite left of field, and potentially a regular feature before races. Our newest contributor is known as @reefgirl3 and she’s very passionate about F1 but also delves into the arts that some may find strange and intriguing. Today’s offering is certainly an unusual combination of the sport we love and the esoteric.

Team Tarot Readings for 2018

About @reefgirl3 – A Tarot reading knitter, with a love of cooking and loud music. I love my garden, my daughter and my partner, I love science fiction especially Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Star Trek, Star Wars and Babylon 5. I’m a big fan of F1, Wintersports and Cycling. In other words I’m an all round geek.

I live on the South Coast of England and I’ve been reading Tarot for about 10 years, professionally for about 3. I also dabble in Astrology and look to the sky to make sense of what is going on

Away from the esoteric, I work as a cook in a care home for people with Learning Difficulties. I’m a big fan of crime drama, I watch a lot on TV and read a lot of crime novels. I enjoy knitting, crochet and cross stitch, I also grow my own herbs for cooking.

What does the 2018 F1 Season hold for…?

Not so many cards jumping out this times, but lots of warnings not to air dirty laundry in public. Things that should be kept secret finding a way out is what I said last time, some of these readings are backing that up.

Mercedes: Wheel of Fortune (Jumped out when shuffled)

Fate and or Karma are going to have a huge impact on Mercedes this year. Luck is going to change this year I think, for better or worse I can’t say but you can work your way out of whatever hand fate deals you if you don’t panic and work diligently. I drew a clarifying card, which is the King of Cups, this card also jumped out when shuffled, you are going to have to be diplomatic when dealing with whatever it is fate throws at you. You need to be calm, wise and in control to deal with this, alternatively you may need to seek a negotiator to help you navigate your way out of this.

Ferrari:  Ace of Cups

Aces represent new beginnings, seeds germinating and the start of things. The suit of cups represents love, feelings and intuition. Usually the Ace of Cups represents a new love affair or relationship , I think this is all about intuition, using your intuition to its greatest effect. You are the oldest team on the grid, you’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt, you’ve been so caught up with trying to win and out do the opposition as well as trying to bully everyone into doing things your way that you’ve forgotten your love of the sport and the love of the tifosi. Use your intuition to recapture the love you have for the sport and don’t get caught up in the politics; you may unlock the winning formula you seek.

Red Bull: 3 of Swords

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear this is not a good card to have and you’ve had it before.

Heartbreak, sorrow, loss and sacrifice. Things are going to be very difficult for you again this year you may feel that the whole world is against you and that no matter what you do it’s not going to get any better. You will need to think carefully about how to move on and break out of this cycle, you may need to make a sacrifice in order to move on. Clarifying card is the King of Cups again, be diplomatic, don’t let Christian Horner blow his mouth off at the media, keep all these problems internal, don’t go blaming anyone for your problems publically, keep calm and call on a mediator to help.

Force India: Ace of Swords

Aces are all about new beginnings and Swords represent logic, communication and challenges. This season is going to bring a new set of challenges for you; you need to use logic and common sense to cut away the obstacles in the way of you moving forward. Look out for that ‘Lightbulb’ moment when a new understanding presents itself, use this moment to cut away everything that is unnecessary now so you have a clear path to enlightenment, for the want of a better word.

Williams: 2 of Pentacles

This card is all about juggling and keeping things in the air, Pentacles represent money, family career and home. A lot of multitasking will be needed this year to keep everything going. You also need to be adaptable and go with the flow, you can’t be rigid in this precarious position because changes are coming.

Renault: 4 of Swords

This card is all about rest and reflection. It’s telling you to take a step back and reflect on everything that has gone on before. Being Swords it’s advising you to have a long hard think about what to do next, when you have evaluated all the information you have in front of you

Toro Rosso: 6 of Pentacles Reversed (Jumped out when shuffled)

Money worries may be top of the agenda this year. When upright this card shows charity, giving help and generosity, reversed it could show that generosity is running out and you may be inclined to hoard what you have making you less inclined to share what you have with other.

Haas: 10 of Cups

The main essence of this card is Happy Ever After. All the hard work, care and nurturing you have put into this team will come to fruition, the family unit is complete, you have everything in place to be secure. However, be careful, not every fairytale has a happy ending.

McLaren: 10 of Cups

Things are finally looking up. This year sees the ending of difficult times and peace and prosperity reigning, you also are coming into a period of Happy Ever After, everything is in place for you to be happy again.

Sauber: Judgement Reversed (Jumped out when shuffled)

Judgement in the upright position shows us a chance to look back and review our life up to this point. Questions about some choices we’ve made and what have we learned from them need to be asked and answered. Reversed, I’m thinking you are stuck in a rut and refusing to look at the mistakes and choices you’ve made in the past. Instead of learning from the past you are condemning yourself to repeating past mistakes unless you try to learn from those mistakes.

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  1. Maybe I’ll go out and buy an ouija board and ask Senna what he thinks of the new McLaren…………

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