Experience onboard F1 footage with HALO – Redbull Ring

This year, one of the most controversial additions to an F1 car will be debuted in racing, the HALO.

With it being a protective ring around the driver and a bar directly in front of the driver’s face, concerns have arisen regarding a race car driver’s visibility.

Youtube channel Sim Racing Paddock uploaded a test drive demo using a mod in Assetto Corsa, which adds the Halo to the Scuderia Ferrari SF70h, in Virtual Reality, to see how visibility with the HALO will work.

Please give you opinion on HALO below.


10 responses to “Experience onboard F1 footage with HALO – Redbull Ring

  1. The Halo is destroying an already damaged sport. These decisions made without much thought are a absolute disaster and fans will react very negatively, once they see this crap on the cars…

  2. Hmmmmm still not sure about Halo. Have the FIA calculated the risks of impaired vision?
    Going from this video i found elevation change on the start /finish straight hard. I predict more crashes when drivers attempt a pass.

    Still Butt ugly too. I do agree though with some of the drivers when they say if it saves one life it is worth it.

    If we cant have proper open cockpit cars anymore then i prefer the look of the jet fighter concepts released by several teams.

  3. I don’t think any of the commentators listened to what the guy in the video was saying, he was saying in be mode (or in real life) the visibility is much better that in 2d images and videos. Your brain computes it such that you look through the halo.

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