Kvyat’s former race engineer Marco Matassa has left Toro Rosso to join Ferrari


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The 2018 season begins with a big news for Kimi

Raikkonen who will have to work with a new track engineer. After three years collaboration with David Greenwood, he decided to leave Scuderia Ferrari, citing personal reasons. The British engineer wanted to return to England and will now work for Manor in the World Endurance Championship. Greenwood joined the Scuderia in 2015, after working as chief engineer for the Backbench Marussia team.

Marchionne hints that ex Toro Rosso man Marco Matassa, will be taking the position.



Schumacher’s famous kart circuit in Kerpen looks set to close

The site of the track has been earmarked for coal mining by the German company RWE from 2020.

The Schumacher family owns 70% of the Michael Schumacher Kartbahn und Event Center in Kerpen, the local karting club the other 30%. The club is currently considering selling their stake to RWE (the utility company that has been allowed to expand their surface mining efforts) because they feel the club won’t exist anymore when their track is gone so they can at least get some cash out of it. Ralf Schumacher is unhappy quoted as saying “There will be no new kart track, the joint search with RWE has not led to a new location. It’s a shame,”.



Red Bull’s Christian Horner slams ‘nuts’ 2018 F1 engine rules

“There will be plenty of grid penalties in 2018,” Horner said when asked about the subject. “What you’d hate to see is a championship decided on grid penalties. Getting to the point with three engines in 21 races, it is nuts really.

“Contrary to whatever Toto [Wolff] says, his non-executive chairman [Niki Lauda] was arguing for four engines earlier in the year because it is a false economy. Those engines go on a world tour, they are here anyway, and for more races, less engines, it as I say a false economy, and it would be horrible to see a championship decided on engine penalties.”


Kyvat will joining Ferrari in 2018 as a development driver.

The Ferrari team retained Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen as race drivers in 2018. Should either be unable to race this season, Kvyat could get the call over Ferrari prospect and recent Sauber signee Charles Leclerc.



Baku Turn 8

Amazing how narrow this section of the circuit is. Perhaps a race in Macau might actually be possible?

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  1. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsWho will become Gasly’s race engineer for the next season now that Matassa has left the team to join Ferrari? Pierre Hamelin who worked with him during the Malaysian and the Japanese GP weekends is Hartley’s race engineer already, so he isn’t an option for Gasly for next season.

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