Ferrari legend: “F1 today can look easy, I can guarantee is isn’t”

On this day in F1 8th December 2004 – Enigmatic Carlos rides the Prancing Horse again

By TJ13 contributor The Grumpy Jackal

On this day – ten years ago my namesake, Carlos Reutemann, took the the track in the championship winning Ferrari at Fiorano. Since his departure from the Italian squad after the 1978 season this was the second time he would drive an official Ferrari with the works team.

His first demonstration run came during the Argentinian Grand Prix weekend in 1995, driving a glorious V12 412 TB which proved the old enigmatic masters skills were still evident.

Fast forward nine years and he attended an invitation to test one of the current cars: “It was an unforgettable experience. The car is impressive, especially in terms of the power from the engine. It is completely different to the car that I drove in my day. Watching on television Formula One today can look easy, but having tried it myself I can guarantee you that is not the case.”

A legendary driver who on his day was simply unbeatable and yet the demons would counter his ability and would ultimately cost him the 1981 title.

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