Driver of the weekend: 2017 Brazilian Grand Prix

Who was your driver of the 2017 Brazilian GP weekend? This takes into account the whole weekend, not just the race. Please use the comments section below to tell us why you voted the way you did.

9 responses to “Driver of the weekend: 2017 Brazilian Grand Prix

      • I have an issue with perpetually slow drivers and with those who are really fast, but too often bin it. no issue with top guns who make that rare mistake while being one of the best…

    • I think we have had the pleasure of seeing some of the greatest driver performances this year in very many years from quite a number of gladiators…

  1. Seb was excellent at controlling the race. Lewis (and his Merc) were on fire. Daniel was exciting as hell. Max begged for a late stop for new lap records – err tires 🙂 all great stuff! call me emotional, but I cannot even imagine Filipe’s drive to 7’th ahead of Fernando. I get it. he had the Merc in his back pocket, but against Fernando in one of the top 3? chassis for nearly 71 laps?? a simply brilliant and flawless drive IMHO. one I will never forget.
    Kimi drove his best race since his days at Lotus and got his 3’rd straight podium. kudos, old man from a 69 YO 🙂
    Esteban just a tick off his game all weekend, but FP1 substitute George was brilliant in his first F1 weekend. maybe another Max?? am actually pretty keen on Pierre. has gotten a tough hand of cards, but making the most of it.
    Charles?? he was a monster in F2. not seeing it so far in FP1 with Sauber. lots of things could be at play, but I have expected more…
    and how about Lando?? an F2 ride in 2 weeks followed by a co-seat with Fernando in Daytona! could you have endured that pressure at age 18?? at 30 or so, for sure. at 18? for sure – not me… 🙂
    Lance: a few points of admiration, but way too many inconsistent races and piss-poor communications with engineers. potential, but not at all ready to hold an F1 seat in HRC/Manor/Caterham…
    and finally, Robert… liked and respected you in the day. positively over-the-top enamored by your story and possible rise to glory. BUT, should you do well if chosen by Williams, it has already been proffered that the story line will be: an old, out-of-touch one-armed bandit is nearly as good as the best of the best. or, if he bombs, the story line will be: where the F**K were their heads? lose – lose scenario for top drivers, Williams, FIA, Liberty, and F1 . cannot be allowed to happen. sorry, Robert.

    • Let’s not forget that Masa overtook Alonso on the safety car restart. That doesn’t happen to Alonso very often.

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