Sorry Dutch fans but Verstappen’s winning streak ends now

Max’ F1 career has been rocketing on. However, the amount of wins has been limited. We have seen 3 wins in 3 seasons. Unluckily it all must end now.

Max Emilian Verstappen, son of former F1 driver Jos Verstappen and Sophie Kumpen, a kart champion herself who competed against gentlemen F1  drivers elder fans of F1 may have heard of before 😉 Jarno Trulli and Giancarlo Fisichella. Born 30th September 1997, Max is a Dutch F1 driver who started out as the youngest F1 driver ever at the tender age of 17. His first Grand Prix was Australia in 2015, almost straight from karting having had limited time in junior formula.

His first experience with racing beyond karting dates back to 2013 and he competed in the 2014 F3 championship. Max’s first team in F1 was Toro Rosso, but switched to Red Bull racing during the 2016 season. He is the youngest driver to lead a lap, youngest driver to set a fastest lap, youngest driver to score points, youngest driver to secure a podium and youngest Formula One Grand Prix winner in history.

Alas, his winning is over and for a rather strange reason. Why you might ask?? Well as Kyvat’s career is cut short (there are rumours he might return at Williams next year, chances are minimal) and rather bizarrely it seems 100% of Max’s wins are scored during a weekend Daniil Kyvat was demoted in some manner.

Barcelona 2016: Kyvat was demoted to Torro Rosso,

Malaysia 2017: Kyvat was replaced by Gasly

Mexico 2017: Kyvat was dropped by Torro Rosso

It seems Max can only win when Kyvat is demoted. I don’t see Kyvat returning to F1 just to be demoted, so it is all over for Max.

This strange symbiotic relationship has clearly been inadvertently created by the evil masters at Red Bull and your faithful scribe El Jefe Maximo of TJ13 has made this amazing discovery.

Pity Red Bull haven’t yet realised their fate having signed up the Dutch wonder kid for another 3 years!

19 responses to “Sorry Dutch fans but Verstappen’s winning streak ends now

      • “your faithful scribe El Jefe Maximo of TJ13 has made this amazing discovery”

        Well this already was said on social media even before the race took place by thousands of F1 fans around the globe! So El Einstein Maximo is a bit slow on his quest….

        He also recently did discover that fire is hot?

        So it’s not my sence of humour… Commedy is all about timing 😉

        • The fact that other people connected the dots doesn’t make it less of a good spot by Jeffe, assuming he connected them himself 🙂

          There’s no shame in someone beating you to something, if you’re not racing them in the first place!

  1. Cant you go back to the days of posting exclusives like Red Bull building their own engine in area 51. Use some more imagination

  2. Are F1 fans really this bland, or is it just the ones upset by this very funny article maybe they are robots or Vulcan’s (star trek reference for the humour deficient)

  3. Yep, You’re correct!
    He lookes a bit like a cavallino getting stuffed with a jalapeno someplace to sun doesn’t shine…….
    (Just kiddin’ 😉 )

    • From the minute I saw the first pic of him, I thought he was a dead-ringer for Sid the Sloth from the Ice Age movies.
      If you put a pic of each of them beside each other, the resemblance is undeniable!

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