Brawn: Verstappen performance “reminded me of Schumacher”

F1 Managing Director of Motorsports and former team principal Ross Brawn admitted that Max Verstappen’s performance in Mexico last Sunday reminded him of Michael Schumacher.

Schumacher drove under Brawn during the dominant Ferrari period of the early 2000’s, bringing home 5 drivers championships and adding to the 2 already gained at Benetton, again with Ross Brawn this time as Technical Director.

Brawn, who looks after the technical development of F1 for the new American owners of Liberty Media, had much praise for the young Dutchman:

“It was an incredible performance that reminded me of some races by Michael Schumacher, a remarkable achievement. Although he’s only 20 years old, as a driver he’s matured incredibly fast.”

“On Saturday he missed his first pole position only because Sebastian Vettel did such a great lap. On the Sunday, he fought ferociously against his rivals and dared perform a hard maneuver after only two corners. Then he controlled the situation thanks to a perfect performance and the ease with which he cemented one fastest lap after another… that should have pleased him and his team alike. ”

So is Ross Brawn right, was Verstappens performance in Mexico ‘Schui like’? Could we see more performances like the 7 time German champion?

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7 responses to “Brawn: Verstappen performance “reminded me of Schumacher”

  1. Brawn shouldn’t be such a fanboy. That was entirely unlike Schumacher. Schumi only ever won 3 races without refueling and none of them did he just go away and blitz the field. On the other hand, Schumacher won tons of races by simply driving away in the best car. But so have dozens of other drivers. It’s truly no big deal.

  2. After the seedy whitewash of the Bianchi “investigation”, Brawn’s opinion ain’t worth squat.

    Max will be exactly like Schumi, Vettel and Hamilton if he wins multiple WDC’s in clearly the fastest car on the grid against inferior drivers.

    I’ll give each of them their first WDC as a win on genuine merit, the rest not-so-much. The rest of the multiples were all a bit of a joke, really.

    Max is only a competitive car away from his first WDC. If RBR and Renault get their combined sh!t together over the northern winter this year and are in the fight from Melbourne then he’ll be a better than even chance in 2018.

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