Driver of the weekend: 2017 Mexican Grand Prix

Who was your driver of the 2017 Mexican GP weekend? This takes into account the whole weekend, not just the race. Please use the comments section below to tell us why you voted the way you did.

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  1. Ocon will go to Mercedes in 2019. Ricciardo probably Ferrari although Vettel may block that. Future driver’s title will go between Verstappen and Ocon. Verstappen has the better car now but Ocon will catch up when he has a fast car. Mercedes would be crazy not to let him drive for them. Alonso pretty much has no more friends in the paddock. I’m curious how much longer McLaren will put up with him. He now says Hamilton had it easy this year. What an assh*le thing to say. His character is quite horrible.
    If you ask me, Ricciardo is the big loser of this year. Verstappen pretty much obliterated him at RedBull and Mercedes and ferrari have great nr 1 drivers who rule that team. Difficult for him to come in and do anything about that. But he may at Ferrari if Vettel allows him to sign on. If I was Ferrari, I would get rid of Raikkonen yesterday. A team like Ferrari really needs 2 strong drivers. They never really did, at least not in recent years. You would have to go back to Villeneuve/Pironi. It’s time they show us a good intra-team battle. It will spice up F1 and the irritant Vettel needs some push back. It will be great TV for millions.

    • On paper at least, I’d say Prost/Mansell looked like a strong Ferrari pairing…

      You’re probably right about Alonso, at times this year he has appeared plain deperate for column inches. Let’s hope his attempts to remain relevant are track-based next year.

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