Driver of the weekend: 2017 Singapore Grand Prix

Who was your driver of the 2017 Singapore GP weekend? This takes into account the whole weekend, not just the race. Please use the comments section below to tell us why you voted the way you did.

6 responses to “Driver of the weekend: 2017 Singapore Grand Prix

  1. If you can avoid the chaos… fend off a looming competitor in a faster car while you are managing gearbox issues… and still hang in there to get on the podium AND FART DURING THE PRESS CONFERENCE AFTER ASKING PERMISSION.

    Dan Ricciardo was the driver of the day!

  2. KMag. Had the balls to switch to slicks, Made up good time, did some overtaking. Found a way to f*ck up his race later on.. If only he wasn’t so good at that last thing..

  3. Palmer. OK, several faster cars went AWOL but he drove a solid race. didn’t crash like Kvyat or Ericcson, overtook Bottas and might have got 5th but for a poor strategy call on the tyre change.

    • Voted palmer as well. Though one might argue that he lost a lot of pressure before the race. Still, you have to do it. Kvyat was a whole different story when “the pressure was taken away”

  4. I voted for Hamilton. Good start, kept his nose clean, managed his pace, tyres and restarts perfectly and never put a foot wrong. Textbook racing from a WDC contender who entered the weekend accepting the reality of damage limitation.

    Other guys had good races as well, but the incredible and persistent pressure of fighting for a WDC makes me think higher of Hamilton’s race.

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