Lewis Hamilton came to Austria knowing of a 5 place grid penalty

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton is set to receive a five-place grid penalty at the Austrian Grand Prix due to an unscheduled gearbox change.
Despite being quickest in both practice session at the Austrian Grand Prix and setting a new lap record at the rebranded Red Bull Ring, it would seem that a new notice from the FIA have confirmed Hamilton requires a change ahead of this week’s P3 and Qualifying and so should incur a penalty according to Article 23.5 a.

Under FIA regulations gearbox is required to last six back-to-back events. It didn’t.

A document issued by the FIA tonight (Friday evening) confirmed the change. The standard penalty would be five grid positions.

We are not sure when the gearbox change happened at this stage, but we do know the FIA have stated Hamilton came to Austria fully aware of the penalty after Mercedes notified the FIA on Tuesday morning

More info will follow with time no doubt.



5 responses to “Lewis Hamilton came to Austria knowing of a 5 place grid penalty

  1. The question is – when did M-B know they would have to change the gearbox, not when they actually did the change. A cynic might say that if Hamilton knew the gearbox needed changing a day or two after Baku – he might be motivated to try and get Vettel penalised further after Baku.

    • That’s outrageous Cav, how could you possibly suggest that St Lewis of the British Isles would conduct himself in such an underhand manner.

      That behaviour is the domain of the Schumacher and Vettels of this world. I think it’s a disgrace and you should be punished further…


  2. I consider gearbox penalties to be just more annoying FIA micro-management. Why noyt just say that you can have 3 or 4 gearboxes per seaon if you must apply penalties and leave teams free to deploy them as and when they like. Actually I cannot really see why gearboxes could not be repaired as a few grands worth of new gearbox bits is low beer compared to the PU budget. I’m all for keeping costs down but the gearbox restrictions are counter productive. Maybe the penalty should relate to contructors championship not the WDC as it is hardly the drivers’ fault.

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