1 in 7 billion

Many people aspire to be one in a million – because that is really something, isn’t it? But to be 1 in 7 billion is to truly stand out from the crowd – from the rest of humanity in fact.

And one of our TJ13 community is exactly that person; the only one on planet earth known to science with a particular genetic disorder that could kill him if action isn’t taken.

Henry & Craig, one of TJ13’s founders, undergoing a monthly transfusion to stay alive

Henry is the 19 month old son of one of the founders of TheJudge13. In fact, its true to say TJ13 would not exist today without Henry’s dad, who has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to facilitate the community.

This commitment to TJ13 is even more incredible when you consider in his short life Henry and his dad have attended almost weekly medical appointments together with 25 blood transfusions (so far).

Henry was a miracle baby in the first place. Following a brain tumour and associated medication, his mum was given little to no chance of ever being able to conceive. But Henry is here to say the impossible can happen.

The family are desperately hopeful that Henry isn’t an only child either, they’ve always wanted another and now we need lightening to strike the same place twice and for Henry’s mum to get pregnant again.

With the appropriate genetic screening there is a high probability that a sibling of Henry will be able to provide bone marrow for a transplant to save Henry’s life and give him a healthy vibrant future. Not only will he have a brother or sister to play with, a cherished family member, but the valuable stem cells found in their umbilical cord during birth (something usually thrown away) can be transplanted into Henry when the time comes.

The Daily Mirror picked up the story last week

There are of course thousands of desperate stories about people in need around the world each day, but if we TJ13’ers can each give a very small amount to help one of our own – I know the £50,000 can be raised for Henry to have to live an abundant life.

Thank you



If you’re on Facebook, please go to Henry’s page and show your support by giving it a like. Henry’s donation page can be found here.


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  1. Good Luck with the fundraising- I hope it goes well and you reach your target- (with a little help from your friends and the F1 community) Best wishes x

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