Verstappen looking forward to new spec car in Melbourne

Max Verstappen has admitted that the Austrian Red Bull squad, will have a different spec race car in Melbourne from the one we saw at the pre season tests. 

Red Bull appeared to be under pressure in Barcelona, after failing to impress along side the likes of the Ferrari and Mercedes teams. It was however also expected that Newey won’t show his aerodynamic hand until the car was ready to race in Melbourne. 

“It will look a little bit different. A little bit,” he told the official F1 website.

“But not just in a single aspect – everywhere. That’s what you do if you want to drive the whole car concept forward.

“But it is still the best looking car on the grid!

“And in fact you change to suit the demands: of the track, of the conditions – on wind or no wind.

“So we do have a ‘Melbourne spec’ here, if you want to see it that way.”
When questioned on whether the RB13 chassis will be good enough to challenge for the title, the Dutch master thinks it is too early to say. 

“But I think we still need to improve to fight for the titles. At the moment.

“That can change once we are racing – but clearly the feeling of the moment is that we need to improve!”

All eyes on whether Newey has done it again then. 

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