A home race for Kimi. Finnish GP planned

Could it be a possibility? A grand prix based in Finland?

There are likely plenty of Kimi fans who might be pleased they dont have the long journey to Hungary for their unofficial ‘home’ gp.

The Fins have planned a new circuit near Helsinki and will be likely hosting the Moto GP there in 2018. This circuit has been dubbed ‘Kymi Ring’ (no, seriously).


An alternative street circuit proposal

The track is currently rated FIA grade 2 so not yet suitable for F1. The proposal is to upgrade that to grade 1 with the intention of bringing the F1 circus in.

“It is natural that we will seriously examine the possibility of getting formula one in Finland,” said Juhani Pekari the president of Finish Automoto Federation.

An alternative proposal is a street race in Helsinki itself. F1 cars have demo’d on this temporary track in the past.

Could we finally see Kimi smile? We indeed live in strange times fellow F1 fans.



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