Ecclestone: “We bought Ferrari”


On this Day in F1 – 2008 “Ferrari International Assistance”

Red faces at the FIA after it was revealed that an agreement with Ferrari meant they would receive US$80 million more than any of their competitors for winning the constructors championship.

Insiders had been aware of the deal which was done in 2003 at a time Ferrari were rumoured to be heading a breakaway. Bernie Ecclestone was unashamed. “We ‘bought’ Ferrari,” he said. “We ‘bought’ Ferrari’s loyalty.” He admitted to the arrangement after stinging attacks from Ferrari chief Luca di Montezemolo.

“Obviously my main interest has always been to secure the long-term future of formula one,” said Bernie at the time of the deal in 2003.

The release of monies from TV rights was anticipated to be shared across all the teams, not just the manufacturers.

“I think this is a hugely positive day for formula one,” said Eddie Jordan

“The agreement has created an environment in which the major manufacturer teams and the independents such as ourselves can hopefully thrive alongside each other. I think this creates a very bright future for the sport.”

Yes extra money was given out but of course the reality was (and is!) that nothing is ever equal in this world.


Credit: ESPN & The Guardian


2 responses to “Ecclestone: “We bought Ferrari”

  1. “Insiders had been aware of the deal which was done in 2003 at a time Ferrari were rumoured to be heading a breakaway.”

    Who wrote this article? The alleged $80M was negotiated with in 2008 not 2003 and was part of the Concorde Agreement for 2010. And it was Ecclestone who negotiated with di Montezemolo to essentially break away from FOTA.

  2. Can you please preface all the ‘On This Day’ articles with an “OTD:”? All the heart attacks caused from these headlines are getting old.

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