Alonso will not be at Mercedes 2017

alonso pictured with hamilton, will he replace rosberg for 2017?

Much has been speculated over the last week since Rosberg’s shock retirement. News even this toupé’d old owl didn’t see it coming.

Rosberg’s call of retirement caused Mercedes a little bit of a headache at this late hour. Perhaps another question mark over the Silver Arrows management style of using multiple managers within the team. Something we now know for sure being a major reason for Ross Brawn to depart for fishing trips.

We’ve all heard of the phrase, too many cooks spoil the broth? Yes this approach has reaped rewards in terms of car design but it could certainly be argued it lacks a degree of empathy on the human scale. It will be interesting to hear of the stories in later years of what it’s like to work under the German Behemoth fat on the success of F1 glory.

So the question has been asked of who will replace Rosberg at Mercedes for 2017?

TJ13’s previous article on the situation at Manor might well give us a clue as to who it’ll be.

TJ13 Jury required reading:


A lot of speculation has been on Fernando Alonso for the drive. Indeed whenever a top drive has appeared before, his name is oft top of the list regardless of contracts that ‘must be honoured’. We all know they’re worth very little at the end of the day.

It could be argued that Fernando has a contract that is water-tight with McLaren Honda, something that cannot be broken. Alonso’s manager and chief advocate since the Spanish Samurai started in F1 thinks so.

“Granted, people always think of Fernando when a top car is free. But we have a contract, and we will respect that. ” says the 66 year old Italian.

Flavio Briatore is perhaps the best person to listen to for insight into what the ‘most complete F1 driver on the grid’ might be thinking.

An argument could be levelled at Flavio about Fernando’s contract with Ferrari that ended early when he switched to McLaren Honda. But Flav has an answer for those doubters.

“The situation at the time was such that we had an agreement with the Ferrari president Luca Montezemolo – if Fernando should not be able to get the title in 2014, he is free. And Luca stood by his word.

Marco Mattiacci, who was then at the time, offered us a new three-year contract, but we refused. “

So there we have it. The options are very limited for Mercedes and Toto has already eluded this week that a ‘top name’ is not what they’re after.

Stand up Pascal. Your time has come?

16 responses to “Alonso will not be at Mercedes 2017

  1. The reason this was all exciting for me was because I wanted to have a driver who could easily challenge Hamilton, something I believe all the big names in F1 could do in an equal car, but I’m not sure Wehrlein will be doing that. He will be gaining experience, collecting some points but Hamilton will in effect be the number 1 driver at Mercedes. Not that I mind, I made a lot of money on betting on Hamilton to drive off into the distance of the race and never be challenged in 2016, but that’s a snoozefest. I guess we’ll get Werhlein vs Ricciardo & Verstappen next season

    • I thought you were a legal eagle, Your Honour.
      [ i 4t u wuz a lgl egl, yr hnr ] *

      * condensed version in case you’re in a hurry

  2. This is very bad news indeed. I would have loved to see wheel-banging between Lewis & Fernando. Now that they’re both older and more mature….

    • I guess they can’t have 2 strong drivers so that the whole myth of Hamilton being the best driver in the world can continue it’s course, just like Vettel for 4 years and Button for one lucky year in 2009, all the best drivers in the world, cause they had a great car with no opposition.
      Yes, we know. Ricciardo beat Vettel for 1 single season, everyone’s beat Button other than in 2009 and Rosberg only won this season because Mercedes sabotaged him at every turn.
      My interests in 2017 are now the fight between Ricciardo and Verstappen and seeing if Vettel can turn it around or will he be truly ‘Fernandoed’ at Ferrari and continue to lose his head at races. And of course, the obligatory bets on Hamilton to get pole and win the race combo!

  3. Spanish and Italian sites are reporting that a spanish newspaper called Marca has published claims that an insider from Brackley informed them that Wehrlein has been confirmed for the seat. And that it was a direct result of Hamilton having “expressly” demanded Wehrlein, and vetoed any front row driver such as Bottas or Alonso…
    Not exactly a trustworthy source… but interesting!

  4. I read in the comments at Joe Saward that Wehrlein was snubbed by Force India because he refused to share certain inside knowledge about Mercedes’ engines – his “attitude problem” was in fact loyalty towards Mercedes. (Apparently this appeared on a Portugese blog, from a Brasilian reporter).

    Now, if only he whooped Haryanto’s ass…

    • if true, it certainly raises his chances. as for rio, he showed us that he wasnt ‘just an other’ pay driver. he amazed us all. pascal said the same to geman telly when asked what he thought of ocon(just after the first qualy of ocon)
      anyhow, i always said pascal would get the drive. even before the rosberg announcement. (in my version it was hamilton who’d leave merc for an other team, well done nico. making me look like a fool :-D) but i never considered bottas. because im no fan of his… but there are a lot of extra reasonings why bottas would make sense( moneywise for williams and ties with toto.).
      still, my money is on werhlein!

  5. That’s another championship to Hamilton right there then. He must be feeling pretty good, lost this season, but already knows he’s won the next one. Just has to show up and step on a pedal. I wonder if the odds will be less than 1.10

  6. Wehrlein reminds me of Heikki Kovalainen in 2008. A driver who looked like he had potential and then showed he didn’t. I don’t rank Wehrlein much better than an average driver.

  7. I wouldn’t give up on Fernando getting the drive. His Facebook page posts (in Spanish) hint that wheels are turning to get him in there. McLaren would be wise to let him go, why would you want a driver who doesn’t want to be there? Jenson is still under contract and can take the drive. I’m holding out for this possibility. If Merc were to fill the seat with Pascal it would have been announced by now.

    • Hmmm
      Interesting stuff.
      I don’t know what Alonso says on his Facebook – it could also mean that he knows that McLaren will be the team to beat.

      Then again if flavio denies something…

  8. Signing Alonso would never make sense. He is terrific, but Mercedes need someone which can help the team without bringing so much luggage. PW is the perfect fit.

  9. I don’t believe a “water-tight” contract exists. I will loose respect for the first person to refuse the offer of the empty seat between Mercedes and Alonso. This is a match-up of epic proportions and there needs to be some selflessness tolerated by all 3 parties to re-energize the sport by finding a path for Alonso in a Mercedes in 2017.

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