Driver of the Weekend: 2016 FORMULA 1 BRAZILIAN GRAND PRIX


Who was your driver of the 2016 Brazilian GP weekend? This takes into account the whole weekend, not just the race. Please use the comments section below to tell us why you voted the way you did.

18 responses to “Driver of the Weekend: 2016 FORMULA 1 BRAZILIAN GRAND PRIX

  1. Verstappen is gong to win this by a mile thanks to an awesome display of overtaking and car control in the last 16 laps, but Hamilton was consistently faster than the entire field and didn’t make a single mistake. It’s not as spectacular when you are in the lead, but this was an incredible drive from Hamilton as well.

  2. I would really have liked to see what would have happened if Verstappen had managed to stay second. Could he have caught Hamilton? Would Hamilton have pushed harder? I really wanted there to be two drivers of the weekend. Both Verstappen and Hamilton deserve it. Verstappen for … well that race. Hamilton for a flawless, masterly performance with no mistakes, when even Verstappen made one. I call it a draw.

    • Verstappen was chasing Hamilton when he had his spin. In an interview on Channel 4, he pretty much said he thought had there been a few more laps, he could catch Rosberg easily, but not Hamilton as he was too quick. I think he’s probably right. Hamilton and Max were the two fastest drivers in those conditions but Hamilton was 25 seconds up the road and lapping just as quickly.

    • Not to downplay Sainz or Nasr!

      They did nothing wrong at any point just as Hamilton did. But they also didn’t made a pitstop like some others dit for inters and they where quit lucky as well with the crashes. So good and solid drive by both just as Hamilton had, but the position they finished in are a bit comprimised. Because, Ric (2 extra stops and 5 sec penalty), Kimi, Hulkenberg (extra stop), Grosjean not making it to the start, Massa was in for a fight with these guys, so as good as it was it could have been worse not better.

      But again they didn’t do anything wrong at any point, great solid drive by these guys.

      • But you can say that about anyone. Max got aided (a lot) by the Red flag as inters was a bad choice. (He said so himself) and he was lucky not to hit the wall with his spin ( again his words).
        Hamilton had no spray and an easy drive home (his words)
        And so on…
        In the end luck is a factor for all of them.

        • Like I said a good and solid drive and didn’t do anything wrong, or didn’t I say that?

          But Verstappen overtook Kimi and Rosberg and was put on a bad strategy twice, almost lost it but saves it like no veteran couldn’t. Also Ricciardo was put on a bad strategy twice and they called him in while pit entry was closed. With 5 sec penalty to deal with.
          These two boys did not profit from others and had bad luck as well, so they fought harder in my point of view.

          • That save was a lot of luck too. And like I said max is my driver of the day. For sure. He spiced things up, and I genuinely felt he’d challenge for the win at some point. Unfortunately he had his fair share of bad luck too (Red Bull f%cked his strategy up so bad that the guy who wanted to try it can go for a job at ferrari, he’d fit right in). But overtaking Rosberg in the rain isn’t really anything of significance. He’s (one of) the worst rain driver(s) ever! And don’t forget that the Red Bull us build for rain. That agressive rake is good in the rain. The Toro Rosso and Sauber don’t have that.

          • That spin was part luck, part skill!

            I don’t think many others would have saved it…

            Tom Coronel, Robert Doornbos and Giedo vd Garde all said they couldn’t pull it off like that. They all know how he did it, but in these conditions, with this speed at that point they all said they would have crashed it.

  3. Romain Grosjean. Qualifies 7th and then crashes out during the grid form up. That requires a special skill that you rarely see.

    • Bernd Maylander should be given an honorary race win or two, some fizz, and a big gold cup.
      – Maybe next time it’s too wet for F1 they can all jump in team liveried safety cars and thrash it out for half points…

  4. My vote goes to Hamilton, he was quick all weekend,and when it mattered he pulled it out of the bag in Q3. He drove a flawless race, without a single mistake, whereas Max made several. He wasn’t just driving in the wet, he was racing with Max at one point, and could pull away from his teammate at will.

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