Ferrari profits soar despite woeful F1 performance

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Summarised F1 news from across the internet: 5th November 2016

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Ferrari profits soar despite woeful F1 performance

LaFerrari on track

Ferrari raised its 2016 profit target after third-quarter earnings beat expectations. 3rd quarter revenue rose 8.3 % to 783m euros as deliveries rose 15 % in China and sales of engines to other F1 teams and Fiat Chrysler-unit Maserati nearly doubled to 97m euros. Shares rose to as high as 48.74 euros and were up 5.3%

Clearly doing very well everywhere else other than on  track.


BREAKING: Ocon to race at Force India

Ocon at Manor, now racing at force india 2017

A rumour from the Brazilian press says Esteban Ocon will race at Force India next year.



Jörg Zander has returned to the Sauber F1 Team as Technical Director

The Sauber F1 Team have confirmed that Jörg Zander has returned to the team as Technical Director, nine years after leaving his role as Chief Designer when the team were under the ownership of BMW.

“I am delighted to return to the Sauber F1 Team in my adopted home country of Switzerland,” said Zander. “After many years at the top level in endurance motorsport, I am very pleased to become Technical Director and to undertake the challenge with Monisha Kaltenborn, the team, all the outstanding engineers and mechancis in the new era of Formula 1.

“The new Formula 1 regulations offer a great opportunity to point the way with innovations and technical creativity. One of my tasks will be to define a stable and efficient technical organisation that evolves the potential of creativity and, therefore, the basis for the development of successful Formula 1 cars.

“Initially we obviously want to improve and establish ourselves as a team in the mid-field. Overall it is a challenge which I await with excitement and enthusiasm.”


Pirelli explains ‘sensible decision’ to use hard tyre in Brazil

Paul Hembrey: “We’re seeing the hard tyres in Brazil for the first time since 2013, which should prove to be very effective against the high-energy demands of the track,”

“In 2015 we had a three-stop race, so with the increase in performance and downforce this year, taking a harder tyre – which has nonetheless been a very rare occurrence this season – was the only sensible option to offer a number of different strategy variables.

“Balancing its durability against the extra performance of the softer compounds will hold the key to the race tactics. The weather will obviously play a big part in these calculations too.”


Max Verstappen’s missed calling

Having only just turned 17, a even younger Max showed us he maybe should’ve taken up the sport of drifting…


The most comprehensive race guide on the net: The Brazilian GP


Lewis Hamilton has never managed to win the Brazilian Grand Prix, and if he is to keep the momentum going and challenge for the title, he will have to end the curse of Interlagos this weekend. Nico Rosberg has won here for the last two years, and if he can repeat that feat he will be world champion, but on both occasions Lewis will feel he had the speed, if not the luck, to take the win. With Red Bull and Ferrari looking to have the pace to trouble not just each other, but also the front running Mercedes, it promises to be another nail-biting weekend for the championship challengers as the season races to a conclusion.



OTD Lite: 1992 – Mansell: “Glad I’m out of F1 – Certain people can get away with what they want”

mansell and senna crash, australia 1992

In what should’ve been ‘Our Nige’s’ last race in formula one, ended with a big shunt with his long term rival, Ayrton Senna during the Australian Grand Prix.



The potential carnage of wet standing starts

In recent history, F1 fans have been denied significant portions of the race due to damp or wet conditions on track.




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  1. I’ve asked this before and do now again. Purely because I’m curious as a fan, not because somehow I feel ‘entitled to an answer’.

    @TJ13 anything from your sources on the ‘onze team predicts to be 9 secs faster at Barcelona then this years time’

    Background: teams were asked to provide anonymous simulator data on next years car. On average they’re 5 secs faster, there was one exception. Merc and Williams deny. Red Bull sort of. Ferrari I can’t remember. McLaren?
    Or haas? Because they lack good simulator programming skills?

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