Will Hulkenberg finally deliver?

Renault Sport director, Cyril Abiteboul is convinced 2017 will be a turning point for Renault F1 team.

“Nico [Hulkenberg] is ideal for us” declared the Frenchman speaking to the Austrian motorsport media outlet, Speedweek.

“A perfect blend of experience and is hungry for victories”

Nico Hulkenberg’s talent has often been admired over his years in F1, a driver that would shine if he just made it to a big team. A claim made by many F1 fans and pundits over the years, and for good reason until 2016 season.

The German driver has been consistently outperformed by his Mexican team mate this year, Sergio Perez. This has been a little surprising for many, but indeed Perez has beaten ‘the Hulk’ in both qualifying and in the races. Perez has also achieved podiums over the years whilst the German has yet to reach those steps.

This hasn’t blighted ‘The Hulk’s’ rep for the French team however. The latest works outfit in F1 is convinced their fortunes will turn around with next seasons rule shake up.

“We’ve recently seen we’re faster than Toro Rosso and Mclaren, we’ve even been on par with Williams. We’re fixed in the midfield.” appraised Cyril.

“On and off track we go forward. The factory in Enstone (UK) continues to be built with the flow of new employees slowly growing from our efforts started in Spring.

I’m particularly happy that we’re able to secure the services of Nico Hulkenberg. Nico is ideal for us, a perfect blend of experience and is hungry for victories.”

Hulkenberg himself agrees with a this positive outlook for the coming season.

“It’s always been my dream to drive for a factory team like Renault. The upcoming new F1 rules will change the sport a lot and I see this as a great opportunity for us. 

I’m quite sure that Renault will play an important role in the coming years. I cannot wait any longer”

The big question is however, will he deliver a top drive now he’s finally got into a factory team? Obviously Renault will need to give him a decent car for 2017 onwards, but should they do this, there will be no hiding place for F1’s nearly man.

7 responses to “Will Hulkenberg finally deliver?

  1. hopefully given the investment they are making in him, Renault will build a car to suit the Hulk’s frame.
    His height/weight have not helped him in comparison to Checo.
    Fingers crossed for the Hulk anyway, will add another interesting dimension to 2017 for the fans, I’m sure he won’t disappoint.

  2. Finally deliver what?

    You’d have to be of the opinion that this guy actually is an elite driver. Incidentally didn’t Renault initially speak to Perez but he wanted a single year contract in the event Ferrari comes calling?

    They are both good midfield drivers but that’s it.

    • Yeah, I agree. Sometimes Perez looks above midfield – but Hulk not anymore. He lost it when Ferrari cancelled him.

  3. Until Renault decide what type of team they want have is – a full factory effort like the had in the mid-70’s to mid-80’s or running it essentially as a privateer as they did under Briatore, they’ll languish. They are still looking at the second seat to be filled by a pay driver. It will be at lest 3 or 4 years before Renault have the potential to challenge for wins. Hulkenberg can give them experience. But it looks to me like they want him more as a development driver

  4. Abiteboul is deluded. We ain’t seen nothing from these guys this year. Based on single lap pace they’re quicker than Sauber and Manor – that’s it.

    Some lucky race results that have seen them ending up in the mid-field ain’t no cause for much positivity.

    Admittedly they started late on their car with the change of team ownership, but I would have expected more progress. Their qualifying has been abysmal.

    As I’ve said before, their livery is the best thing about them. That yellow with just the right amount of black is great.

    As for the Hulk, well he might get lucky if Renault jags a better-than-average car with the regulation change. And maybe the change in scenery will stir up the fire in his belly again – he’s been pretty limp recently. I hope they do well, I’m not expecting much though, tbh.

  5. Hulkenberg will produce something special for them. I’m sure when the car’s right, he’ll deliver. He seems bored of Force India, who will never win championships and Perez has hit a purple patch.

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