Hamilton accuses Massa of deliberate contact

On this day in F1 – 12th October 2008

Accusations and recriminations at the Japanese Grand Prix where Lewis Hamilton accused Felipe Massa of deliberately crashing into him as the pair clashed for fifth place on the second lap.

The incident put Hamilton to the back of the field, cut his lead in the drivers’ championship over Massa to five points, and left him facing blowing the title for the second year.

“I did the corner normally and he came back very aggressively and hit me,” hamilton fumed.

“I think that was pretty much as deliberate as can be.”

Massa was more diplomatic.

“The duel with Hamilton was hard but fair … I have a good relationship with [him] and I will not do anything to destroy something on purpose.”

Fernando Alonso went on to win the race.

Credit: ESPN.CO.UK

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  1. The cars sounded so much better back then, although not as sweet as the V10 era. I miss the noise.

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