Alonso: No more doubts McLaren will win

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Yet another points finish in the Singapore GP seems to have given Fernando some confidence in McLaren Honda. Could be bad luck Jenson fans hoping to see JB step into his Alonso’s seat when the toys are ejected in 2017.

Alonso foresees plenty of progress ahead for the team no both Alonso and teammate Button have dipped into the top six on occasion this season

The team are confident now that the possibility of winning races has opened up for 2017.

“Sometimes in 2015 it was only a hope, I had high expectations and wanted to see results and soon as I arrived,” the self confessed Spanish Samurai admitted.

“Now, we are starting to notice our progress, everyone is more motivated and we want to hit the Australian GP as soon as possible. I feel very confident for 2017.”

“There is no doubt that McLaren Honda will win sooner or later.”

Honda have improved the car’s energy recovery and power unit considerably this season using up nearly all development tokens, whilst aero improvements have also been improved.

“To see ourselves competing in terms of equipment was unthinkable a few months ago,” added Alonso.

“Everyone in the factory can see progress after their hard work and it’s motivation for all of us, as we now know to push hard and overcome the final step.”

2 responses to “Alonso: No more doubts McLaren will win

  1. Fingers crossed for 2017.

    I’d love to see Alonso (and Vettel) in front-running machinery again. I’ve a feeling that we’d see the real quality, or lack thereof, of Hamilton and Rosberg under those circumstances. Ricciardo and Verstappen in the mix would be great, too.


  2. +1 on the pro-McLaren sentiment, but I’ll chuck in the towel if Fred starts firing off #winning hashtags.

    Then he’ll swap his samurai thing for #tigerblood…

    And fire up “Alonso’s Korner” on Periscope…

    And then it will end with a tearful, heartfelt interview on Ellen about where it all went wrong…

    Besides all that, confidently asserting that McLaren will win again “sooner or later” doesn’t give a whole lot on which to hold. I want the 2012 “seven winners in seven races” to be a thing again.

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