Driver of the Weekend: 2016 FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX


Who was your driver of the 2016 Singapore GP weekend? This takes into account the whole weekend, not just the race. Please use the comments section below to tell us why you voted the way you did.

23 responses to “Driver of the Weekend: 2016 FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX

  1. Has to be Vettel this time around, really got ‘the finger’ out in the race.
    Ricciardo a close second, looks like he’s not going to get the win his season has deserved, but still hope.
    Rosberg deserves a nod to be fiar, great qualy, cool under pressure in race.

    • not much to add here, except maybe for Alonso, A well deserved 7th place I reckon.

      And Ricciardo so close, the long race should have been 2 laps longer.

      • yup, you can set your watch by Alonso really. Think that result wraps up 6-11th in the constructors championship for the year!

  2. Vettel. This was more impressive as lewis in spa. No help from a red flag on a track hard to overtake. Finished close behind his teammate while starting in the back. Hats off

        • ah well, true believers will bash anyone being objective when their hero doesn’t live up to the hype.
          The truth is out there Bruznic, don’t give up on believing in it 🙂
          Oh and on a similar topic, I think I deserve Nico an apology, 8 wins later the excuses have to stop (you know, oh he only beat Lewis this week because etc etc…don’t hear the British press being so quick to excuse Nico when he gets beat now do we). , he deserved it today, great performance all weekend – credit where it’s due.

          • Agreed. He didn’t put a wheel wrong anywhere. Not today, not yesterday. His quali performance was perhaps the best he ever did. Same goes for Danny. Excellent weekend. It’s just that it’s been a while since I could say my driver was the best this weekend so got to take the chance with both hands 😉

      • That certain Red Bull had a clutch issue and it was not in the finger of the driver, like in Monza. So from there on, Max did ok. However, too much anger in his fight with Kvyat. That cost him tyres and maybe even 5th because of an extra stop.

        • Hi Verstappen,

          Taking away the start, my point simply was that even from where they were after safety car as a starting point, for Seb to finish that far ahead of Max was damn impressive for Seb, less so for Max. No doubt the Kvyat battle did Max no favours at all, thought I saw smoke coming from Dr Marko at one point!!

          • Agreed, kudos to Ferrari in this case. Verstappen explains that Red Bull couldn’t do nothing about his clutch, but…
            I don’t know if it’s a matter of changing a faulty part or redesigning it. If it’s the first, then Red Bull missed an opportunity.

            Starting from the back saved Vettel some nasty battles because he was so out of sync that he was a lot faster. Only in the beginning he struggle dat bit behind Nasr.

            Whereas Max was surrounded by faster cars, which made him eat his tyres sooner (where I still think he botched it with Kvyat)

        • “From that point on he did OK.” Seriously.
          After the safety car he and Vettel were on the same tyre. Vettel 18th Xam 8th. How is being ten positions in front a disadvantage? In the end he was over 40seconds behind Vwttel.
          This was a mediocre performance. It happens to the best. No excuses needed.

          • Tend to agree with you on this one. However, the boys had a different tyre strategy and that helped Sebastian a little bit. For starters, they both had a bad start with a lot of wheel spin … the SuperSoft tyre under the RedBull in particular doesn’t like that … add to that an emergency break to avoid Hulkenberg and you have a tyre problem. Vettel did not have the same tyre as Verstappen after the safety car, he was on the Soft which lasts significantly longer … 24 laps vs 13 laps. So RedBull had to change the tyre strategy and that is where Max lost it. Vettel did a great job by overtaking all up to 5th with a planned 3 stops strategy and Verstappen was never expected to make it any further than 5th place after that terrible start so taking into consideration the unplanned 4 stops strategy he did a reasonably well job to end 6th. Indeed no excuses needed and Sebastian driver of the weekend!

  3. @ Bruznic
    Ha, so you’re a true believer as well then 🙁

    Oh well, if Seb can perform like this next year I’ll gladly suffer that annoying finger if it gives us a good championship battle 🙂

    • I don’t care who wins actually. As long as it’s exciting. Remember that year with 7 different winners in the first 7 races? That was glorious. Nor do I’m not opposed to domination as long as the team mates battle it out.

  4. Kvyat – it was a pleasure to see him fight and I thought ‘after all this, he got his Mojo back, no mean feat for such a young guy’ then later on I read his comments after the race and it’s like he’s liberated.

    • Germans said Frans tost is trying to rebuild him. Very long talks, on and off the track. Putting a lot of effort in him and made a lot of cases against marko in hopes of keeping the young Russian for an extra year

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