Breakthrough for Alonso

alonso first win

On this day…. August 24th


Fernando Alonso became the youngest ever F1 Grand Prix winner at what is now the ripe old age of 22 years and 104 days following his maiden victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Alonso broke the 43 year old record of Bruce McLaren having made the most of terrible starts from the Williams pair, Juan Pablo Montoya and Ralf Schumacher.

For once it was not a ‘Truli train’ that held up Alonso’s would be pursuers, but Mark Webber’s Jaguar who impeded the progress of the super-fast Kimi Raikkonen.

Fernando eventually won with a 17 second gap to Raikkonen and Montoya but this result set up the rest of the season perfectly. In the drivers’ championship Michael Schumacher now had 72 points, Montoya was on 71 points and Raikkonen on 70 points.

Of course Max Verstappen has now stolen the crown of youngest ever F1 winner, though despite the FIA banning under 18’s from the sport, someone has a window of 227 to beat the Dutchman.

Here is the current list of youngest 10 drivers to win F1 races.

youngest drivers to win a race



One response to “Breakthrough for Alonso

  1. Through the years I learned to respect this driver’s talent.

    Through the years I learned to disrespect this driver’s sportsmanship.

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