21 races too many

image1_img_640_mediumSauber team boss Monisha Kalterborn thinks that 21 Formula one races a year is too much, and that the sport should reduce the number of races.

2016 has seen the highest number of races on the calendar in the history of the sport with 21 races planned. The season started back in March at albert park Australia and will run until the finale, which will again be hosted at the Yas Marina complex in Abu Dhabi.

At the moment there is the summer break, which gives the teams 3 weeks to recharge their batteries, and prepare for a gruelling finish to the season which kicks off again in Spa. From the legendary Spa race until the finale, there will be nine races staged in 13 weeks. An F1 fans dream no doubt, but Monisha has other thoughts.

“21 races is too much for us,” the Sauber team boss told F1i.

“I think it’s not going to really help us at the end of the day to have more viewers.

“Probably the most important factor is the income, but that again is a question of how long that will last, this kind of strategy? But that’s for the commercial rights holder to know, not for us as teams.

“But I do believe that this is beyond the limit.”

Paddy Lowe has been quoted recently as saying the summer break was the best formula one invention of modern times, Monisha agrees somewhat.

“I think it’s very important,” she added. “Irrespective of how your performance is, the people need the break and there is a good reason why races were limited to 20.

“Now we have more and we have destinations further away and we don’t have the capacity as a team to rotate people and to make sure that they don’t go beyond their limits.

“It’s important and I think the factory shutdown – which was agreed at a time when not everybody was so convinced about it because there was no reason to think like this – has actually turned out to be one of the best things we have done for the teams and the people. Maybe we have to do more of this so maybe it is better for everyone.

“For us it is good to be able to really reset everything and then hopefully be much more stable.”

6 responses to “21 races too many

  1. It is not the number of races that is so much of a problem but the way the calendar is arranged. Having Canada and Baku back to back (purely to prevent drivers from competing in Le Mans) was idiotic. There are 6 back to back weekends this year in a 37 week season, meaning the remaining 9 races take place over 25 weeks – 22 weeks if you allow for a 3 week break.
    The Stones managed a 12 date tour in 7 South American countries this year – in a 6 week period. Not bad for a bunch of over 70 year olds. Ever so fit and healthy twenty somethings though can’t manage 21 dates in 8 months. 🙂

    • Jumping many time zones messes up the body. It would be easier on teams if the races were grouped geographically for the shortest travel distances.

  2. i really dont like monisha but i agree with the headline. the more races there are the less each one is valued. say there were 40 races, if i miss one or two no big deal. however if there were only 10 then that matters greatly. balance is needed. 21 is too many. for me 14 max and keep it at classy circuits.

  3. I like back to back races specially SPA and Monza. It allows me to see to races in 9 days. The same for Singapore and Malaysia (weather is to hot). The same for Austin and Mexico. (Bernie did this to screw up Austin). But Canada to Baku in 1 week is very difficult. Races like Bahrain, Abu-Dhabi and China have very poor public participation and should be in the butcher cut. Bernie will not agree since he gets is money. Bernie whats Las Vegas so maybe 22 races in 2017 if Germany stays.

  4. It is too much. 17 was perfect, 16 and 18 the best compromises. From 19 onwards it becomes too grinding and repetitive.

  5. If there are fewer races, drivers MUST be permitted to race in other formulas as it would not only help promote motorsport in general but help to distinguish well rounded drivers from those technically better suited to certain ones. I personally don’t mind a larger calendar, perhaps certain tracks can pay for a higher points yield then proving a more grand prix format.

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