Lewis “I’ve got a race to win”

Lewis Hamilton cut a dejected figure during the post qualifying press conference at the Hockenheimring on Saturday, but later insisted his demeanour was down to his failure to deliver pole as opposed to him taking defeat badly.

When quizzed about his body language and short answers in the press conference Hamilton had this to say.

“No, it doesn’t hurt,” Hamilton said. “It’s like when you guys write a shit story, you get pissed off about it. Or you make a mistake.
“I’m not down, firstly. I’ve got a race to win tomorrow. I express again, when any of you guys are pissed off about something, your own performance, you’re not happy.

“This is not an emotional game or anything like that. It’s just literally, today I was quickest – I brought it to qualifying, I was quickest, quickest, quickest, quickest, and I was easily quickest at the end, and I didn’t deliver myself.
“That’s something I have to handle and deal with, and that’s just how I deal with it.
“You know when you kind of kick yourself a little bit? That’s where I am. But there’s nothing I can do about the past, I’m moving forwards now, and tomorrow I can make a difference. And I will.”

The triple champion then admitted how much he felt he had let his side of the garage down.

“Reflecting on my performance today I also have a lot of guys back at the factory and also my main guys here, my mechanics, who work to build my car, who were hoping to get pole.
“I’ve got my engineers who work until 1-2am every night, it’s a lot of weight when you don’t deliver the way they have delivered, so that’s where I am in my head.”

All said and done, this is another example of Lewis wearing his heart on his sleeve, whilst also demonstrating his eagerness to enter the summer break with the championship lead.

An engine penalty next time out in spa is almost inevitable, so a points buffer for Lewis would be most welcome. Nico of course will know this,  which bodes well for a fantastic fight between the two rivals in todays race.

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