FIA consider revised start procedure

XPB_826137_HiRes-941x529Many observers of the formula one British grand prix last time out, felt that they were robbed of some spicy action at the start of the wet race.

The drivers pulled away from their grid slots following the safety car driven by Bernd Maylander. The safety car eventually came into the pits to unleash the hybrid beasts at the end of lap 5, many drivers felt that this was too long.

“It was definitely a safety car start, it was super wet, loads of standing water,” said Jenson Button.

“But we waited a long time. The safety car should have come in two laps earlier.

“The problem is then everyone pits at the same time so you can’t do anything different [strategically].”

Race winner Lewis Hamilton was one of the few drivers to say he would have been happy with a normal race start.

“We could have started on the grid, there were wet patches and it would have been tricky but that’s what racing is about,” said the brit.

“We stayed out for too long, it was intermediate conditions by the time they let us go.

“There was more water on track in 2008 when we started on the grid which is why I say that.”

Red Bulls Max Verstappen also stressed was keen to get the green flag a lot earlier:

“On the main straight there was a lot of water but maybe [the safety car period] was a bit too long,” said Verstappen.

“I was ready to race after one or two laps.”

The FIA are set to discuss a new proposal ahead of the German Grand Prix next weekend. Charlie Whiting will gauge feedback from the teams on a revised safety car start. The idea being proposed would mean that the race would start under the safety car as it did in Silverstone. However when the track is considered good enough for racing the safety car will pull in to the pits, and the cars will take their qualifying grid positions for a standing start.

Safety car led laps will still count for race laps as they do now, and the drivers wouldn’t be allowed to pit for tyres until the standing start restart has taken place. (bit of a mouthful!)

This is planned to be aired next Wednesday when a majority vote from the teams will forward the matter to the World Motorsport Council, who could add this new procedure to the regulations for 2017 or maybe sooner.

6 responses to “FIA consider revised start procedure

  1. I am old school, but I understand the desire to never put the drivers/marshlls/fans in serious harm’s way and the desire to have as many cars finish a race as possible. while not crazy about it, I am not totally 100% against 2 laps behind a safety car followed by a standing grid start and even a couple laps required b4 possible pit stops.

  2. The issue with this is now that the cars have been stuck behind the safety car for 2 laps or so, their breaks and tires are cool and they don’t have the warm up lap to prepare for it. It is actually more dangerous than just starting the race in the rain I feel. But I am on the side of these are professionals and they should be able to adjust for it. I am just surprised that FIA would make this decision.

  3. What a stupidity. So instead of a “race” behind the safety car we will have a useless parade and a shorter race.

  4. Sure it was this site and comments posters that was one of the more vocal critics of the fia safety procedures following Suzuka..

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