Haas F1 justifies customer car model


Hass team principal Gunther Steiner feels that an appearance in Q3 for the American outfit at Hungary is possible this weekend.

Team Haas have yet to trouble the top 10 in qualifying this season, despite Frenchman Romain Grosjean surprising many by bringing the car home in the points on four occasions. Haas F1 first season in Formula One has impressed many leading Steiner to admit that after such an encouraging start to 2016, its time to move up the pecking order.

“We just need to make sure the cars are as prepared as possible, the tyres are in the range they need to be, the drivers are hitting their marks perfectly, and that we go out on the track at the right time.

“It ends up being a lot of ingredients that we have to get together, but I think getting to Q3 is achievable. We just need to work on all of the above points.

This is ambition indeed and given the improvements McLaren-Honda have been making, a tougher ask than may seem.

“We probably wouldn’t have thought that we would have 28 points so far in our first season, but we still do wish that we were a little higher up in the standings.

“We are very close to the teams in front of us and hope that we can keep competing and moving up.

Haas have proven that a new team can enter formula one and be successful from the off. Their methodology of buying as many parts as they can from other teams (namely Ferrari), has so far proven to be the right decision in offering a sustainable and competitive path onto the grid.

2 responses to “Haas F1 justifies customer car model

  1. I’m not sure. It works for them.
    But I wonder how far they can get. Never WCC, I guess

  2. I don’t why it is so important that a team must make every single spring and rod for a car. The car they make is still their own car and is fairly different than the other cars. They just share some suspension parts and the like. They don’t share any aero. I think the other teams are just in a kerfuffle because they put the money forward and have hired all these people to make a bunch of simple parts, and then Haas comes through and proves all their spending moot and those teams can’t just fire everyone, so they have to complain.

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