Breaking: New faster Monza layout revealed


In a desperate bid to keep F1 at Monza, the circuit organisers plans have revealed by F1 Fanatic in their story.


Copy below credit to F1 Fanatic

Formula One lap times at Monza will fall by over a second as a result of the changes planned to the circuit for next season, according to the architect who has designed the changes.

The home of the Italian Grand Prix will remove the Rettifilio chicane at the beginning of the lap, leaving a straight run to a revised sequence of bends replacing the Curva Grande.

Screen shot 2016-06-01 at 12.43.38

Monza’s new turn one will be taken flat-out by Formula One cars according to Jarno Zaffelli of Studio Dromo who designed the alterations to the circuit. The track then falls three metres, obscuring the approach to the new chicane at turns two and three which returns the cars to the existing layout.

The turn one run-off will be designed to allow drivers who run wide to rejoin the track at the third corner via the existing Curva Grande.

With the track configuration unchanged for the rest of the lap, the removal of the slow Rettifilio chicane will lead to a reduction in lap times. According to Zaffeli simulations have shown Lewis Hamilton’s 2015 pole position time of 1’23.397 would fall to 1’21.894 with the same cars.

The designers simulated potential lap times as low as 1’18 to assess the safety features they have put in place.

The remodelling of the circuit will require the felling of around 400 trees, something which has proved an obstacle to past renovations at Monza. To compensate for that Zaffeli’s team propose to reinstall a greater number of trees in other locations around the park.

Changes made to the following sections

1) Rettifilio and Curva Grande

2) Della Roggia, Lesmo and Ascari

3) Parabolica gravel to be restored

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Screen shot 2016-06-01 at 12.44.55
New Monza Parabolica run-off, 2017
New Monza Curva Grande layout changes for 2017


9 responses to “Breaking: New faster Monza layout revealed

  1. It’s a no from me. Then again I’d have Monza run with the pre 2000 layout, still have the bonkers long straights of Hockenheim in use and have an annual visit to Laguna Seca if I were in charge.

  2. Allegedly Bernie has shook hands now with the Monza owners, not sure if that redesign was part of the deal, who knows…

  3. Yes please! A faster track is more unique – for the driving style/car/setup etc – and could inject some much needed variety into the calendar. I’d personally love to see a return of some of the old slipstream battles… Of course that’s not going to happen, but any step in that direction is an exciting one IMO. Also, nailing parabolica would be even more important as it leads onto a much longer straight. Unfortunately there would still seem to be a decent size tarmac runoff before the gravel on parabolica… But overall I think its a step in the right direction. The less chicanes in the world the better!

  4. That’s a good start and a beginning of how Monza should be,a straight flat out car breaker,ban the chicanery and bring back the unforgiving gravel.

  5. This would be a Cracking idea if the second chicane was then removed. Entry to the Curva Grande will be awesome but the distance from the new chicane to the second variante will be ruined. Get rid off, and run the cars flat to the lesmo’s …afterall they extended the run off there years ago

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