Vettel not fancying his chances in Monaco

This season must be a bitter disappointment for the Tifosi after last year’s promise. Particularly when the ‘chosen one’, Sebastian Vettel, has yet to deliver a win for Maranello coupled with Ferrari’s copious use of engine development tokens in the winter.

Many thought Maurizio Arrivabene would’ve been discretely removed by now after such a failing. But it seems that Maranello are happy enough at placing a dead horse head at the foot of his bed and leaving it at that for now.

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Despite all of this, Sebastian remains bullish, but realistic at his prospects for the next round at Monaco.

“I think Monaco should be an interesting track for us” reported Auto Hebdo today.

“Last year, we were very competitive there. Now we have improved the car in the areas important for this race, so I think that should help. We are not the favourites arriving at Monaco but we will do everything and if there is a chance to win, we will seize it.”

Ferrari have suffered 3 non finishes out of 5 races thus far, with a string of podiums for both Kimi and Sebastian, the lowest finish of 5th in China. The team currently are sitting second in the constructors championship behind Mercedes.


4 responses to “Vettel not fancying his chances in Monaco

  1. Maybe we’re just at the middle of another 20 year losing streak… See you in 2027 : (

  2. Looking forward to seeing Vettel act as dutiful number 2 to Raikkonen in the second half of the season. “Michael did it,” the team will remind him. “Felipe did it. Rubens did it.”
    By the way, is anybody going to join me in the “I know how to spell the word ‘discreetly'” pedants’ lounge? Anyone? Really, there’s lots of space in here.

    • Why should Vettel play at being the number two driver? He’s had two DNFs (DNS) which were not his fault. He’s been on the podium each race finished. Australia and Spain were strategy failures.
      There is no reason for either driver to be relegated to number two. That Raikkonen is in second place is merely temporary, as the superior Mercedes will surely overcome the 4 point differential.

  3. Contrary to the article headline Vettel and FERRARI are both fancying their chances in Monaco

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