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25 responses to “Rate the Race: FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO DE ESPAÑA PIRELLI 2016

  1. Danny was robbed. Three stops and mediums on the last change instead of softs. Engineered by RB for the glory of the “young” guy and justify their decision to change drivers. Ricciardo being the sacrificial lamb.

      • Ferrari are already sick of Seb’s b!tching and wh!ning and want him out. He just isn’t reacting very well to the pressure, is he?

        DR will want out of RBR now that they’ve got their second coming in place.

      • To cover Ricciardo, as they covered Webber in 2010, same old mistake. They were probably the only ones believing Ricciardo’s “strategy” was real. They corrected only a few laps later and that gave Vettel the third place.

        • Yeah after some thinking this was my conclusion as well.

          If I were RIC I would ask the team to replay the race lap by lap and explain at exactly which moment they came to the conclusion a three stopper was the winner and why.

  2. Obviously Max is quite remarkable. What a drive.
    And for second i would vote for Nico for that fantastic block on Lewis. Did Bilng Bling think he could out-muscle like he has in the past and get away with it again?

  3. 9/10. Only because of the Mercedes crash. If they’d been beaten fair and square with a race like this I’d given it a 10

  4. F1always@where should Lewis have gone? He was fair enough to have given Nico room at turn 1, came better out of turn 3 to launch an attack on Nico, why didn’t he leave him enough room? What was he afraid off? He was way off the line I would say!

  5. 7 for me, good race, fascinating to watch, but honestly not a great ‘race’, same old Spain, little by way of overtaking.Interesting to see the knock on effects from this race though.

    Max drove flawlessly, but Ricciardo will feel hard done by, he was in front and in control barring an odd Red Bull call (at least now he knows how Seb felt in Canada 2014).The continuing battle between these 2 will be fascinating to watch, Max confidence will be boosted (if thats possible or required), while Ricciardo doesn’t strike me to be the type to lose confidence over something that was outside his control.

    As for Ferrari..uh-oh. Kimi (2nd in the championship people 🙂 ) showed exactly why Ferrari should either keep him or give him the boot (take your pick).
    If Ferrari belive Seb is ‘the man’ and desire a steady number 2 then Kimi is a perfect fit, if however they are losing faith in Seb and want 2 drivers charging for wins, Kimi is no longer that guy I’m afraid.

    For Mercedes, hmm, I think this ones on Lewis. He was agressive, fair and as expected in the run up to the first corner, but Rosberg got by.
    Rosberg was slow and Lewis had the opportunity to try, but Rosberg shut the door. Aggressive, fair and as expected. Lewis has done it plenty of times to Nico. For me Lewis should have lifted and tried again to get him later (I still believe he would have done so) – Lewis lost out on this one much more than Nico, and not just in points awarded on the day I think.

    Back to Ferrari, Seb (after winning me over in 2015, losing me in 2016 I’m afraid), seems to be unravelling now that the Maranello honeymoon is over. I can see Mr Marchionne deciding that placing all his eggs in the Seb basket (case) might not be the best business strategy.
    Problem being, there doesn’t seem to be a credible alternative to Seb for 2017, so it seems as if Seb may have found himself in the ‘Alonso position’.
    Of course, with undoubted bad blood at Merc now seeming impossible to contain, and Ferrari and Mercedes still needing to align their grand coalition to secure ultimate power over F1, the impossible thought of Hamilton to Ferrari for 2017 now almost seems possible. Have to think Hamilton would love to win a title for Ferrari (seems to be the drivers curse that dream). And he does like their cars 🙂 He is the only star that would do for Mr Marchionne as an upgrade for Seb, and while most teams would baulk at having 2 drivers of one nationality I can’t see Merc being upset at a Seb/Nico combo – swap on the cards? Stranger things have surely happened.

    Seb/Nico 2017 best buds at Merc, now that would be priceless 😀 Let the games begin!!.

  6. Marek@ I accept your conclusion on the Mercs crash, even though I do think Nico could have left him room.
    But it serves Mercs right, you can’t have two # 1’s in a team, they should have learned from Maca. If Seb was at Mercs, would he be on equal terms with Nico? I don’t think so, so why do it with Lewis? I bet nobody can give me a reasonable answer!

    • Hi Nee Deep, ya Merc are reaping what they’ve sown alright 😁 Nico certainly could have left room, he may well have in say 2014/2015, but I very much doubt Hamilton would have left room were situations reversed. Good call by the stewards, for me a racing incident, but from a Merc perspective I think Lewis will get the rap on the knuckles. You’ll never have 2 happy best buddy teammates competing for the title in one team, just the way it is. Thats why I was convinced Kimi was a cert to stay on for Ferrari for 2017…..but Seb appears to be losing it a bit under pressure…….

      • Hi Marek, Nico has admitted to have been in the wrong engine mode and suffered a loss in power as Lewis closed in on him, his only way out was to leave a door open and close it at the last moment,to keep Lewis behind. Lewis said he knew Nico was in the wrong mode, I guess from his attack at the start, and knew his batteries were no longer charged, he saw a cars width, and went for it,but Nico closed the door a bit too late. The stewards made the right call, so let’s just move on, coz everything happens for a reason…#33

  7. Total and absolute bullshit. The moment I saw the Mercedes crashing into each other I knew Verstappen would be the winner, Red Bull would do anything to sabotage Ricciardo’s race, no surprise when I saw them putting him in that strategy. Only in Ferrari were naive enough to believe -for some laps- it was genuine.

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