OK, probably little point having a poll on this but hey, why not!

Who was your driver of the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix weekend? This takes into account the whole weekend, not just the race. Please use the comments section below to tell us why you voted the way you did.

Don’t forget to rate the race as well.

18 responses to “Driver of the Weekend: FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO DE ESPAÑA PIRELLI 2016

    • Until now I was not convinced by all the Max, but I am a convert now. Also Sainz was my second choice, showing Daniil the way home.

      • Oh absolutely. Sainz is my second. He and max are very exciting drivers. And if all goes well they’ll be battling for championships between them in a few years. Even when they hate it I’m gonna make the senna prost refrence. Max being senna and sainz being prost.

  1. My choice for Max is obvious, just like everyone else’s. He did a good job of not making a single mistake for the last 20 laps with Kimi on his tail. I think that, in addition to everything else, makes him the only choice for driver of the day. He didn’t just cruise into the win, he drove for it, on his debut! Congratulations Max!

  2. Nicole Rosberg for removing the two Mercedes cars and thereby ensuring we had an exciting race.

  3. Obviously Max is quite remarkable. What a drive.
    And for second i would vote for Nico for that fantastic block on Lewis. Did Bilng Bling think he could out-muscle like he has in the past and get away with it again?

    • I think he did. There was a bot if a gap there and he was travelling faster. That was Nico putting down a very firm marker – informing Hamilton that he isn’t going to be muscled out of the way like he has been in the past.

  4. Who else?

    The first time I cried when watching F1 was when Schumi announced at Monza that he was quitting. Today was the second time.

    Via the verstappen website I followed him when he was karting and when I met my wife (10 years ago), I told her that he would be in F1 someday and probably do better than his dad.

    Today is a good day.

    • I’m not even mad. The dutch can have it. He did it own it’s own. And he did it good. RESPECT!

  5. I wonder who will win this one 😛

    Seriously though, my drivers of the weekend are Verstappen and Sainz.

  6. I am afraid that this is the end of the road for Niki Lauda as far as Lulu’s hanfosi are concerned, what exactly does the SOB mean a “stuped collision by OWR Lulu man?

  7. I voted for Lewis. Punting Nico and taking out both silver cars gave us the best race of the season.

    I’m happy to repeat myself. Just give MB both championships and send them on their way. Vampire squid attached to the face of the sport etc…

    • Agree it’s got to be a tie between Lawnmower Lewis and Wrong-Mode Rosberg, for turning the race into a proper contest.

      • “wrong mode” what wrong mode? what does one expect out of Lulu’s number one fun club?

  8. Voted for Max but honestly, this should go to Hamilton. No joke. If it weren’t for him, this race would have probably been one of the absolute worst this year (as usual). Instead, we witnessed some historical moments. Thank you Lewis! Please, do it again next time :).

  9. Max made a good race, but it was Rosberg who made this day a good race day! Only with his action it was possible to see Max winning!

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