The great Mercedes Conspiracy, Redbull & Spain

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Today we feature an independent podcast with a familiar flavour, hosted by Spanners with Matt plus Formula Spy writer Chris Stevens and Matt Somers of They discuss Max moving to RedBull, Barcelona upgrades and the all important conspiracy theories.

Missed Apex is an independent F1 podcast we hope you enjoy as TJ13 endeavours to keep to the mantra ‘by the fans, for the fans’.

The show is recorded weekly every Sunday evening and features a live stream with chat room. New topics and comments are discussed on the Facebook group.

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9 responses to “The great Mercedes Conspiracy, Redbull & Spain

  1. Is this true?? the podcast is back??

    what a great way to cheer up a crappy Wednesday at work 🙂

    • Not quite. It’s an independent F1 podcast my me (Spanners) and Matt. Missed Apex F1 Podcast. we are listed on iTunes and all the major podcatcher apps. We are posting it on the TJ feed to see how active it still is and may continue to post here in the future.

      • Spanners has kindly allowed us to present his podcast on TJ13 and we’re keen to promote it, its a quality show. Because it was posted under the podcast category on the site, our standard podcast banner has been used hence why you’d think that….

      • Great to have you guys back on the air, seems I have some episodes to catch up on

  2. In reference to maybe Hamilton’s driving style causing engine issues, in 3 BLH Sato suffered six engine failures on the Honda. It was presumed that they were the fault of the engine revs he carried into the pits. Button didn’t suffer the same failures.

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