F1 Promoters drag their feet on 2017 regulations

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The 2017 regulations appear to be mired in apathy. Rules pertaining to the engine regulations for next year were unable to be agreed due to a lack of participants at the recent F1 commission.

Proposals include a complete free for all on engine development, though according to motorsport.com a number of race promoters failed to attend the meeting this week at Biggin Hill.

This is merely another example of how the governance of Formula One is shambolic and dysfunctional.

The reality is that Bernie Ecclestone most probably organized this move because it means Mercedes will be defeated on their proposed changes to the 2017 regulations, which are supposedly agreed in principle.

Mercedes wanted to reduce costs to customer teams by regulating just 3 engines per season should be allowed before penalties were applied. Renault and Honda are concerned by this move given their current engine programmes are demonstrating a lack of reliability.

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  1. “I need to be the dictator again”.
    The problem is he is nearing his end.
    He needs to go, when he is gone, most of formula one problems will follow him out the door.

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