Driver of the Weekend: 2016 FORMULA 1 GULF AIR BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX


Who was your driver of the 2016 Bahrain Grand Prix weekend? This takes into account the whole weekend, not just the race. Please use the comments section below to tell us why you voted the way you did.

19 responses to “Driver of the Weekend: 2016 FORMULA 1 GULF AIR BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX

  1. Gave it to vandoorne. Cuz you know. Could have given it to Grosjean or Werhlein easily.

  2. Riccardo, doing a Webber, carrying a grossly underpowered car on his back, Just like Webber did with Jaguar and Williams.

        • So now it has come out Sainz really did make the call to come in himself while there was agreement that the first driver had the call in Australia, and by so stole the pit stop of Verstappen, the Vandoorne and Ocon cards are being played to attack Verstappen…what a wonderful bunch of lads you are at this site.

  3. Well my vote landed on the Groman but it was a toss up…Beware, the Belgian is no slouch. Anyone else pondering what has Lewis alittle off par? Could it be that just like Rocky he has lost the eye of the tiger?

  4. I will only vote for Lewis if he posts a selfie again int he toilet of an airplane.He! He!

  5. Grosjean got my vote again, but it was close with Ricciardo and Verstappen. Haas had a great strategy and Grosjean made it work as best as he could.

    Vandoorne showed why already should have been on the grid this season. Wehrlein also shows good promise for the future.

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