Philippe Bianchi seeks better HANS than HALO | DN&C 04/03/16

Philippe Bianchi seeks better HANS than HALO…

“I think it is [HALO] a step forward in terms of safety. It is obvious that the system is effective probably in an impacting tire.


In cases of small debris like Felipe Massa (2009 in Hungary) or Justin Wilson (IndyCar driver), it would, however, nothing changed. It is a step forward, but it does not solve all problems….

For Jules nothing had changed, because it was a violent deceleration that has caused his injuries at brain. I think further development of the HANS system (Head and Neck Support) to absorb such braking delays, could in such cases to help. ”


In other F1 news

Hamilton bemoans F1 future direction

Lewis Hamilton feels F1 is still heading in the wrong direction and has expressed his frustration at the latest qualifying format adjustments for the 2016 season.

The Mercedes driver has apologised for reserving his full opinion on the latest changes which have been discussed by F1 rule makers but did show his clear frustration and the ongoing events.

Yesterday Bernie Ecclestone announced F1 is likely to use a hybrid qualifying format which implements the new elimination-style for Q1 and Q2 before reverting to the previous model for Q3 to decide the front four rows because the software technology will not be ready in time for Melbourne.

Hamilton says he isn’t a fan of the current direction of the sport and agreed with the question that it is effecting the health of F1 and its popularity.

“I don’t really want to say too much about it but I do agree with those first two things ,” Hamilton said. “I do have desire, I’m dying to be able to drive one of those older cars. Maybe I’ll do some historic racing at some point.”

The qualifying format for the F1 2016 season opener is yet to be finalised with the Australian Grand Prix now just two weeks away, while decisions on the 2017 technical regulations have also been delayed. It has piled pressure on to the F1 Comission and Strategy Group to finalise regulations to give manufacturers and Pirelli enough time to prepare for next year.


Indian bank applies for Mallaya’s arrest 

Mallya on Thursday rejected calls for his arrest. Amid the ongoing fallout from the collapse of his airline Kingfisher, the State Bank of India on Wednesday had also asked an Indian court for the seizure of the Force India chief’s passport over unpaid loans.

Local reports also said the court was asked to seize Mallya’s assets including his new $75 million severance payout by the liquor giant Diageo. Confirming the applications had been made, a lawyer for Mallya told the IANS news agency: “We are filing our objections today on the merit that the tribunal was not the right forum to seek a defaulter’s arrest or impound his passport.”

Mallya reportedly owes the bank more than $200 million. (GMM)


Vijay Mallya to contest SBI’s plea

Former United Breweries chairman Vijay Mallya will file his objections on Friday at the Debts Recovery Tribunal (DRT) here following State Bank of India’s (SBI) plea seeking his arrest in the multi-crore loan default case.
“We will be filing our objections against the interlocutory application (IA) filed by SBI. The DRT is not the right platform to seek arrest of a defaulter or impound his passport,” a senior lawyer told FE on condition of anonymity. The DRT has posted the case for further hearing on Friday. Mallya is currently in Delhi to attend Parliament as a Rajya Sabha MP.
A consortium of lenders led by SBI on Wednesday filed an interlocutory application in the DRT seeking his arrest, impounding his passport, seizing his assets and claiming the $75 million severance package he signed with British liquor giant Diageo last week. Hearing SBI’s plea on Wednesday, the presiding officer of DRT had posted the IA for next hearing on Friday and gave notice to Mallya for filing objection, if any.
“The DRT is meant only to facilitate banks and financial institutions recover outstanding loans speedily and has no powers to order his arrest or impound passport,” a lawyer close to the development told FE.


Williams thinks it can depose Ferrari

Williams believes it can be get ahead of Ferrari and be second to pacesetter Mercedes based on its form in pre-season Formula 1 testing.
The Grove-based outfit focused on reliability during the first week of testing and has shifted emphasis to performance during the last few days without going for headline times. When asked for his read on where Williams stands in the pecking order, chief test engineer Rod Nelson said: “It’s very close and every day’s a little different.
“There’s no doubt that Mercedes are extremely strong. Ferrari less so. “We’d like to think we’re slugging it out with Ferrari. “We’ve got some more bits to bring to the car and I’m sure they have as well. “Operationally we have to be as efficient as we can be. “We’ll do the best job we can. Merc’s gone but we’d like to be second.”


Lewis hates HALO


And now a nice TJ13 antidote to HALO


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34 responses to “Philippe Bianchi seeks better HANS than HALO | DN&C 04/03/16

  1. HALO: The side-on shot of the Ferrari test I saw elsewhere showed that the rear section was lower than the top of Kimi’s helmet. A point of detail that would be rectified, no doubt, but the thing looks atrocious anyway. Can’t say I have any sympathy with this ‘improvement’ – it seems to me that F1 needs either to go full canopy (hello, LMP1) or stay as is. Like the Hulk is being reported as saying yesterday, F1 needs to be a little bit dangerous.

  2. While the commercial rights owner on the one hand showers all possible s**t as regards the state the business that rakes-in his million is in and on the other hand he interfere nonstop in the rules and regulations he runs his business under, all he is actually and intentionally doing is sowing discontent with the hope to divide and rule, but there is one problem, some of those being effected by all this still jumps on his cart now and than when it suites them.
    The handshake Mallya signed with Diageo, if there was one at all, means that his involvement in the formula 1 team is now over, because he either owes US$135 million to Diageo or his 42.5% shares of the team.
    One well respected pundit from the SKY team believes that the makers of 059/5 direct injection which he told his followers at the start of the 2014 season “it operates/fires like a diesel” has on the overnight of the sixth day of testing reverted back/fitted the old firing system by means of SPARK PLUGS ignition system after the BIG ENGINE TROUBLE they were encountering, and now Mercedes, Renault and Honda will for sure take note of this new firing system for their direct injection diesel like firing engines.

  3. Do we know if Jules’ (main) injuries were caused by decelerative forces or by direct impact? I guess because there’s a big f-n tractor involved I assumed it was impact, but if his father is calling for improvements to the HANS device then it suggests decelerative forces were the main culprit.

    • I think that looks awesome. Every little bit had its own right place to make the car go faster or better handeling. The halo does non of that. It just (probably ) saves lives. It doesn’t win championships.

      • Formula One in 2008 had cars with quite extreme aero solutions.

        It was the final year of relatively stable chassis regulations after a decade plus since their introduction in 1998. Those fully-matured regulations – combined with relatively close engines – served to make any gains that could be found minuscule by today’s standards.

        Most performance gains were were being found in creating vortices and energising the air to improve the effectiveness of the rear wing vis-à-vis the appendages you see in the pictures below.

        Kill it! Kill it with fire! 😀

        The BMW.Sauber was probably the most visually extreme.

        2000-08 was the zenith of pure car performance / lap time in F1, and subsequently (imo) served to create the greatest difficulty for a driver to bring the cars to their absolute limit. Post race, drivers were visibly shattered and exhausted.

        It’s worth YouTubeing some qualifying clips for any of theses years. The entry, mid and exit corner speeds are visibly higher. In unchanged track layouts, lap records still stand. Suzuka, Hungaroring, San Marino and Silverstone are great options to YouTube.



        PS: Before the youngsters get upset, as if this is life n’ death, I will say – to mitigate the fury – that the current PU’s are the totes omg yolo bestest ever; the testing regulations are the totes omg yolo bestest ever; the new qualifying system is the totes omg yolo bestest ever and the heavy mini-LMP resource management cars are the totes omg yolo bestest ever. Peace out, Felicia. Boom. Say whaaaaa?

        *Hopes Twitter account doesn’t get “Saward’d”*

  4. “message/comment send to Joe, his blog” I mentioned was as vicious as can be on Gods green earth, there are things that I don’t agree on with him, but I honestly support both him and his family in the strongest way possible on this, and prays to God that he will be able to trace that IP address so that he might be able to look straight into the eyes of that scam.

    • 1. Mercedes
      2. Ferrari
      3. Williams
      4. Torro Rosso
      5. Red Bull
      6. Force india
      7. Renault
      8. Haas
      9. Manor
      10. Sauber
      32. Mchonda

      • 1. Mercedes
        2. Ferrari
        3. Williams
        4. Force India
        5. Red Bull
        6. Torro Rosso
        7. Renault
        8. The legend that is the team from Woking!
        9. Haas
        10. Sauber
        11. Manor

  5. who needs another article reviewing the winter tests? haven’t we been assured by the number one opinion spinners that “team X offered a glimpse of its true potential at the first day of testing” but later on “it is notoriously difficult to accurately read off performance in testing”.

  6. I’m not sure about the whole ‘weekly-news-and-comments’ thing….
    Have the troops at Justice Towers been depleted?
    Are the podcasts returning?
    Do you need some legal aid?

    • Contributions are always most welcome. Feel free to write a piece on something you find interesting, and forward it to the Judge.

      • Never quite sure how I was meant to write the news, I came here to read it. Ok great anyone can write an opinion piece, but it’s not news is it? In the past that’s what the comments were for.
        Nothing for almost a week, site seems to be in life support. People move on I guess.

        • Even Judges can have a real life, and the season hasn’t kicked in full swing yet…

          As for writing news, you (and I mean anyone reading this) can read news pieces from various sources, aggregate the interesting info in any way your brain sees fit, and report it here while putting it in the appropriate context. That’s after all what many news outlets and professional journalists do… One or two paragraphs will suffice for the DN&C section.

          • Maybe, but that sort of stuff is hardly the purpose of this site. At least it didn’t use to be.

          • I’m not knocking the Judge in particular, I appreciate it must have been hugely demanding to get this site to where it was.
            But… last years coverage of testing was exceptional with almost daily updates as I remember, and actual news that I couldn’t get elsewhere, this year not so much.
            I don’t really see the point of rehashing/aggregating stories from other sites, as Micke says below that wasn’t the point here. At least when it was being done regularly then it was useful as I could still come here for my daily fix, but at present the DN&C seems more like the W(eekly)N&C. I wish I had the time to contribute as you suggest, but I simply don’t.

  7. Could somebody please explain what is happening to this site?
    It used to be a fine source of information, often well before the others, but has now virtually ceased.
    It’s very sad.

    • Wondering the same thing… Less than a week to the first race and no news, no season preview, no comment, nothing.

      Obviously the Judge no longer has access to the same sources he had when the site first started but surely he and the others on here could at least give some comment.

      I’m sure we’ll get the usual ‘write something yourself’ response but that neglects to consider the many reasons why people might be unable to. A community needs readers as well as writers and if nothing is written the readers will disappear and be very difficult to ever get back.

  8. mrfill, “nothing to do with your comment on this site” just saying, “a mountain never meets a mountain, but a man meets man”. its a small world.

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