Launch Dates Revealed: Ferrari and Renault (launched)

TheJudge13 contributor, Dane Hansen, guides you through what is expected to be one of the most anticipated times of the F1 calendar – Launch Season. This is the second post of a staggered series which will list launch dates and more.

Ferrari – 19 February

What to Expect: A red car. In sixty-six years, Ferrari is yet to devil a new colour scheme. But why should they? The Maranello stallions have only ever mixed their infamous red with the subdued shades of black, gold and of course the current white. Only in 2007 did Ferrari spite the unthinkable, and dare I say it, painted her cars in a darker, crimson hue for three seasons or so. However, new speculation has suggested that Ferrari will return to a retro look that will be reminiscent of a 1975 type livery.

Technically Speaking: Recent news has suggested that Ferrari had stalled work on its 2016 model to focus on the the SF15-T, a car that won last season, but not enough to challenge the Silver Arrows. Undoubtedly, the decision could have a hangover into this year’s performance, but for a team rich in resources and prestige, it might not have any effect at all. Marchionne has made his thoughts on the situation quite clear and warned Ferrari principle Maurizio Arrivabene “Hopefully he will not bitch about this. We pushed the start of some of the work on the ’16 cars on the chassis, delayed it a bit. But we have had adequate time and adequate financial resources to do the right thing given the rules…“. Could this be a reincarnation of Enzo, something like a neo-il commendatore?


Team Budget (€) Points € per point
Ferrari 418,000,000 236 1,771,186.44

Renault – Launched without hint

What to Expect: Renault have abandoned the PDVSA ship, and in doing so, they have abandoned their flag officer Pastor Maldonado. Gone is the distinctly unattractive logo of red and white PDVSA. However, Jolyan Palmer will bring along his own dose of red and white sponsorship of MotorSport Vision from father and former F1 ace, Jonathan Palmer. Renault’s aesthetics department has suggested that their recent livery could well change before the season opener in Melbourne, and we hope so.

Technically Speaking: We don’t know much. Aside Renault’s bargain bid that bought Lotus for a single pound sterling, we know that the French brigade is putting in a budget high enough to content with Formula One’s big guns (EUR 300 million), Ferrari and Mercedes. They have filled out a contract that confirms their involvement as a works team in Formula One to 2024, a whole four seasons beyond any other team.

The success they enjoyed with Fernando Alonso a decade ago will not be waiting around the corner. The team expects to become a serious contender in about three years or so.With regard to management, not even the divine investigative techniques of  native Inspector Clouseau could pinpoint a leader; although speculation has suggested that a certain French quadruple world champion with an asymmetrical nose could acquire the seat of team principle.

Monsieur Clouseau hints at Alain Prost. For now, our eyes point to the current leader, Cyril Abiteboul, the managing director of Renault Sport F1.

Team Budget (€) Points € per point
Lotus 139,100,000 35 3,974,285.71


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