Nico Rosberg better than Vettel or Alonso

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Gerhard Berger tells Auto Motor und Sport that he believes Nico Rosberg is ‘insanely good’.

The Mercedes driver demonstrated his capabilities following the return to Formula One of Michael Schumacher. Ross Brawn, then Mercedes team boss, pursued Schumacher following Jenson Button’s decision to leave the Brackley-based outfit following his world championship winning year.

During their three years together, Rosberg eclipsed his 7 times world champion team mate in pretty much all the statistics.


Faster qualifying time: Rosberg 41 / Schumacher 17
Poles: Rosberg 1 / Schumacher 0
Front rows: Rosberg 2 / Schumacher 1


Wins: Rosberg 1 / Schumacher 0
Podiums: Rosberg 5 / Schumacher 1
Points finishes: Rosberg 39 / Schumacher 31
DNFs: Rosberg 7 / Schumacher 15
Best race result (incl. DNFs): Rosberg 35 / Schumacher 22
Ahead in two-car finish: Rosberg 22 / Schumacher 15


Overall points: Rosberg 324 / Schumacher 197
Seasons finished higher in standings: Rosberg 3 / Schumacher 0
Highest championship placing: Rosberg 7th (2010, 2011) / Schumacher 8th (2011)


Gerhard Berger believes Rosberg is better than the rest of the current drivers in the field, with the exception of his team mate. With any other driver as his team mate, Rosberg would have probably won the last two world championships.” Further, the ex-Austrain F1 driver believes Rosberg’s close of 2015 form can trouble his current team mate. “Hamilton appears to be walking on a tightrope,” says Berger. “He always appears close to losing his nerve so if Nico succeeds in rattling his confidence, then he will have a chance [of winning the WDC]”.

Berger does concede Hamilton could get “back on his game” once the 2016 season gets underway, though believes if Rosberg “puts together a strong first half of the season, Hamilton would have more problems with Rosberg’s success than vice versa.”

The season gets under way in Australia on March 20th, just over 7 weeks from now. Then and only then will we know who will claim the early bragging rights amongst the Mercedes drivers.

35 responses to “Nico Rosberg better than Vettel or Alonso

          • My point exactly. So not everyone would have won in that red bull. Where as everyone would have won in that mercedes. Lawyered! Booya. Nailed it!

          • Webber’s skill is not the point. This just confirms that _not_ everyone could have won WDCs in that Red Bull. Webber had his chance in 2010, that was the closest he was to winning a WDC, but 2011-2013 he wasn’t even close.

      • Not even close. The Mercedes have had the most dominate car in history, comparable to the 1988 McLarens.
        Using 2015 points systems, the 2015 Merc got 36.6% of the points.
        Using 2015 points systems, the 1988 McLaren got 35.6% of the points.
        The four years of RedBull dominance gave them 26%, 33.9% 22.8% & 31.1%.
        If you use the 1990’s points system, the 2015 Merc and 1988 McLaren pulled in over 51% of all the points. Even the 2002 & 2004 Ferrari were not that dominate. Even Pastor could have won a title in the 2015 or 1988 cars.

  1. He’s obviously a very skilled driver but lacks that ruthless edge. We’ve seen him try ruthless but it just comes across as bodged or backfires most of the time. I hope we see an end to him trying to please everyone all the time as it’s to put on to be endearing and I think is a sign of his inability to just do what must be done.

    Is doesn’t mean that you need everyone to hate you, Vettel comes across well most of the time, but there’s no doubting his ability to be ruthless when it is needed.

    • I could make comment about the lack of Rosbergs ruthless edge, but, I would upset many Hamilton fans!

  2. How does it place Rosberg above Vettel and Alonso in Berger’s opinion?

    He simply made the obvious statement that without Lewis in the other car, Rosberg would have won two WDC titles in a dominant Mercedes. He’s clearly not saying Rosberg would beat Alonso or Vettel in the Mercedes, just that without Hamilton Rosberg would have been the fastest driver in the dominant car – whilst Alonso and Vettel drove inferior Red Bulls, Ferraris and McLarens.

  3. Could also do a comparison with Webber, Britney’s in the wall 🙂 True Nico was just getting started, but then Schumacher was rather on the wind down over that period.
    When the flag drops the bullshit stops…..can’t wait.

    Think I need the countdown to the Aussie GP on the homepage to be converted to seconds, might help me cope with the lull 🙂

    • Wait. Nico Rosbrg was compared o a guy who’d retired and returned to F1 when he was 41!!! Okay Nico, your new teammate is… David Coulthard.

      • think we were in agreement there dwil, i meant to point out the comparisons to Schumi can be viewed as either unfair to Schumi or flattering to Nico (or more likely both) whichever way you looked at, due to Michael being at best rusty or at worst not too pushed/passed his prime. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t comparison for Nico then it may have been, but now he has a fair match up on which to be judged, Nico in his prime vs Lewis in his prime….so far that match up is not going too favorably. Anyway, I await lights out in Aus with eager anticipation.

        • But last year Nico said he wasn’t in his prime as yet and that’s despite going into his 10th season.

          Any idea what he’s in?

          • thinks its the best car in the field 🙂 Or is it just denial 😉

            its all talk talk talk though isn’t it..can’t wait for the jibber jabber to stop and the vroom vroom to kick in!!

            Trying to be a tad serious, I don’t recall Nico saying he wasn’t in his prime, I would think that’s just a self defense mechanism. Sure whatever it takes for him to keep his head in the game I suppose, as I’ve mentioned before I do admire that he hasn’t just cracked from being beaten repeatedly (gusts of wind aside, he still looks like he’s trying if you follow me, rather than accepting fate and cheerfully picking up his pay and 2nd place trophies). I’m sure Berger (who I have to admit I was a fan of) would understand.

            As I said last year and still holds true for this year, I still expect Lewis to be number 1 (even if he insists on carrying 44).

            But we can dream of someone making him work for it 🙂

  4. Strictly speaking whilst at Mercedes Schumacher did have a pole position too, in Monaco where Rosberg is considered to be very strong. Except it was taken away from him, however it’s the performance we’re talking about …correct??

  5. So Rosberg beat an aging 40+ year old veteran who came back into F1 after a three year long break. Is that supposed to be very impressive? Compare Schumacher’s accomplishments in his first five years starting from 1992 to Rosberg’s first five year. Schumacher was winning races every season, was a team leader, and got two WDCs by his fourth season. To me it was far more impressive to see that Schumacher even beat Senna in points in 1992, Schumacher’s first season ever, driving a Benetton, the car with arguably inferior chassis and engine that year. So there.

    Given Rosberg’s “accomplishments” so far, there is no basis whatsoever to argue that he is better than either Vettel or Alonso. Yes, Rosberg is very good, but do not overstate his worth or importance. It would have been great if Rosberg got a seat at Ferrari so this issue could be settled once and for all, but I doubt it will happen with Ferrari supposedly not interested in having two German drivers.

    • I still remeber Rosberg in his first race on Bahrain. Overtakes and fastest lap. Rookie’s come worse.

      To me he was enlighteming! Fok.
      But then. The engine got shit, and all bad things happened an then he got into the worst scenario ever: driving against comeback Schumi. Loose? It’s Schumi and rosberg’s not up to it. Win? It’s Schumi, he’s old and sure Rosberg should beat him…

  6. I have seen Rosberg making mistakes in the important moments of a race and a championship and that is a huge difference to Alonso and Vettel IMHO.

  7. We can only hope Ferrari have got their act together to pull out a decent car. If Vettel can put the pressure on the W07, then Vettel will get the WDC. Neither Rosberg or Hamilton handle pressure well.

  8. Berger claims, “With any other driver as his team mate, Rosberg would have probably won the last two world championships”.
    Would have….. Could have….. Should have….. BUT DIDN’T!
    Speculation, speculation, speculation.
    End of story….. move right along!

  9. Have You Ever Compared Their Last 13 Races Together In 2012 ? – And I Mean THIRTEEN, Not THREE !

    MICHAEL Was Improving And Should Not Have Dumped F1, Ever.


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