Marchionne: Ferrari will be the team to beat in Australia


Despite a disappointing day for both Ferrari and FCA share prices in Italy, Sergio Marchionne is being bullish about the 2016 F1 Maranello entrant even ahead of the 2016 shortened winter testing programme. The slide in ‘RACER’ price down to 41.75€ does not concern the company’s president. “Today’s results mean nothing,” he claimed adding, “we’ll know more in a few days, where we stand, when the markets have calmed down a bit.”

Recent IPO’s have been hit by post launch reversals averaging around 5% and today the world’s markets appear to be wearing their festive season hangover all too visibly.

Yet Ferrari’s top man is confident that in just 76 days – in Australia – the red team will be at the front of the F1 pack. “Racing is a fundamental part of Ferrari and 2016 must be the year where we return to the top. I see a strong Ferrari, and though of course we know how competitive our rivals are, we will already be the team to beat in Australia. We have made all the necessary investment in Ferrari – the most successful team of the Formula 1 history – to lead it back to the top of the world championship. I am convinced that team boss Maurizio Arrivabene and his team have laid the foundation last year to experience a season full of successes in 2016”.

Ferrari last won a drivers’ F1 title with Kimi Räikkönen in 2007 and the last constructors’ title was claimed by both Massa and Räikkönen the following year.

Marchionne also reiterated today his desire to see Alfa Romeo return to Formula One. “This is definitely achievable,” claimed the FCA chairman. “We have yet to decide exactly in what form this would take place and it would certainly be very difficult without the support of another team. First, however, we focus on the introduction of the new Giulia. However, the partnership [of Alfa Romeo] with Formula 1 would be ideal. “

5 responses to “Marchionne: Ferrari will be the team to beat in Australia

  1. I’m not a Ferrari hater but with him saying that they will be “the team to beat”, I honestly want to see a double DNF in Melbourne, just to see the look on his face.

  2. This could actually happen … but only if Mercedes falls on their sword for the good of F1, as Voolfy is insinuating in the media!
    We all know Merc are able to turn up their PU quite easily and pull out a second a lap whenever they wish?
    I hope Toto does let the drivers fight it out properly on the track and they turn up the PUs to full power. That way neither Hambone nor Tossberg can b!tch and moan about favouritism and a common strategy across both cars.
    At least then we will get to see how incredibly quick and reliable they really are.

    Maybe Mario Illien (Ilmore Engineering) has a trick or two up his sleeve after 12 months of tinkering with the horribly underperforming Renault PU. Then we might have another team on the podium, much to the disgust of the millions of Red Bull haters!

  3. Really looking forward to Marchionne’s dismay when they just how large the gap really is to Hamilton’s tailpipe!

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