Partying caused Lewis Hamilton to crash into 3 parked cars


Lewis Hamilton revealed of his own accord on Instagram that he’d had a bit of a bump in Monaco this week. Hamilton’s initial post appeared to suggest he had made a light impact on a parked car.

The Telegraph now reveals this was rather a minimalistic confession form the now three time world champion, who in fact hit three cars in his fender bending action, though local authorities state no drugs or alcohol were involved.

A Monaco police spokesperson has confirmed, “Mr Hamilton’s foot slipped on the brake and clutch pedals and his vehicle struck three parked cars. He was tested for alcohol but the result was negative.” That said, the law enforcement officers of the Principality have been rumoured to be most discreet over previous embarrassing incidents involving their most wealthy of residents.

The big problem for Lewis is that he claimed he had been suffering from a fever, which was the main reason he failed to attend a Wednesday sponsor event in Brazil. He arrived a day late for the upcoming race weekend in Sao Paulo and the car bumping incident which was initially thought to have taken place on Monday has now been confirmed as occurring on Tuesday. This raises questions as to whether Hamilton was ever going to make his Wednesday PR appointment after deciding to party.

TJ13 suggested yesterday, that the nature of Hamilton’s Instagram confession may well suggest that there was more to this incident than Lewis was admitting to. Hamilton has subsequently added to his explanation as to how the crash occurred, stating It was a result of heavy partying and not much rest for a week and a half. I am a bit run down. I have been non-stop and trying to fit training in at the same time and not getting a lot of sleep.”

The Telegraph reveals that Lewis has attended a number of alcohol fuelled parties since Austin, and as far as the one prior to the bumper car games, Lewis did admit: “The party was amazing, couldn’t have gone better. I don’t feel as bad as I look. The last two days I have slept pretty much all day. I couldn’t believe how much I slept and I slept on the flight here. I was nervous that I was not going to sleep. I slept all day yesterday. I usually sleep four or five hours but when you are training you need more than that. I am generally a really energetic person but that week after Mexico and the party we drank a lot and I was really feeling it.”

Hamilton’s partying has apparently been regular since the US GP and Lewis even admitted he may have still been drunk when he recently arrived for a photo shoot after a heavy night out. “I had a photo shoot at Madame Tussauds… and I wondered why I booked it for the next day because I had to do pictures looking fresh. It was not enjoyable because it was only a few hours after the night out so I was still very much…”

Mercedes have yet to comment on the behaviour of their ‘rock star’ driver, though Toto Wolff has previously indicated he cares little about Hamilton’s off track activities – unless they affect him on track. Though whether this kind of lifestyle is exactly what Toto had in mind when he gave Hamilton ‘carte blanche’, will be tested this weekend.

Tensions inside Mercedes AMG F1 have been growing recently, and Hamilton’s biggest supporter, Niki Lauda, has seen questions raised over his future in the team.

The unknown is whether Lewis’ newfound alcohol fuelled lifestyle will affect his future driving performance. Hamilton did suggest following winning his third F1 world title, he was not interested in chasing down Michael Schumacher’s records now he had equalled those of his hero Ayrton Senna.

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  1. Tuesday 3am as opposed to his Monday night comment. I think most people refer to anything from 12am to around 5am as the previous day’s evening in casual conversation no?

      • This is the trouble with the media. A man achieves his life long ambition and celebrates for a few days, then he has a “new found alcohol fuelled lifestyle”?

      • You know, this has become pretty shoddy on TJ13s part. First you post an article suggesting Lewis’s is suffering from ‘mild paranoia’ and going over the top in explaining an incident, then you publish this piece that is nothing but suggestive in a negative sense. You have proved why people like Lewis have to go to great lengths to put a match flame out before the media turns it into a firestorm. Very ridiculous.

        No one has to defend Hamilton being a party animal. If this accident was caused by impairment, then you have a story, but this is a guy celebrating, and has every right to do so wether TJ13 agrees or not. This site is becoming too tabloid-esque with pieces that reek of personal bias. Not professional reporting in my opinion.

    • Monday, Tuesday, what does it matter? The 3:30 am time is what says a lot ……………going to the chemist at 3:30 for ‘fever’ medicine maybe????

    • Reportedly in the conversation with the police, Lewis said,”Nico hit me, Nico hit me!”

  2. A father and his son are involved in an accident. The pair are taken immediately to hospital, both to undergo surgery. The surgeon looks on in horror at the boy and says, “I can’t operate on this boy, he’s my son!”

    How can this be?

    The surgeon is the boy’s mother.

    Shame on you all. Sexist assumptions 101.

    Oh, in relation to Hamilton… he should’ve just kept his mouth shut. If questioned, he was better off smiling, shrugging and look like a cheeky lad instead of a fool.

    Managing the message takes quite a skill. That was an own goal by Lewis, in my opinion – which to me is the only opinion that really matters with respect to F1.
    Oh, just one more thing. Maybe Lewis can buy a Veyron to crash and leave the Zonda’s alone. The chikita’s won’t know the difference and there’s more “head room”… if you know what I mean. *wink, wink*

    That poor Zonda.


  3. I had a doofus friend who crashed his car completely sober. He was merely turning a simply corner in aVolkswagen bug. He said the wheel just spun out of his hands. I referred to him after that as the worst driver, ever.

    His foot slipped on the brake and clutch pedals.

  4. Lewis gets even more intersting. I always heard that top athletes sleep really long, like 10 / 12 hours per night. But not he.

    Also the partying, it seems he just started this – and his body’s not adjusted to it. So I wonder if we see him crashing out of the race.

    • Well, that depends on person.
      In my time, when I was a top athlete, I slept on average 6 hours during the night, and couple more hours during the day. And that was enough for me.
      Some other guys were sleeping more, some even less than that.
      I just remembered, after ’96 Olympics (actually after our competition was over), I’ve got myself into partying mood, so in next 10 or so days that we were there, I slept less then 2 hours a day on average (out of which at some point, whole 3 days with no sleep whatsoever).
      When I came home after that ordeal, I slept whole 2 days non stop. 🙂

      • Krako – Thank you…

        “I always heard that top athletes sleep really long, like 10 / 12 hours per night,” is a ridiculous statement on its face. “Top athletes” sleep as their natural sleep cycle allows. I played professional tennis. My sleep cycle was six hours, seven to eight max if extremely tired. If I somehow slept more, I was sluggish all day. I know many, many athletes who slept even less.

        If (a big if, apparently) people read about athletes and sleep before what they consider a big game or match, a majority of them have a very hard time sleeping at all. This is even true for NFL players, pre-Super Bowl, who for six months expose their bodies to what amounts to the average person standing at the end of their driveway and running head first into their garage door 30 times —- A DAY.

        The fact that they are top athletes allows them to, when combined with the natural adrenalin produced on game day, actually play better on less sleep. As soon as that excess adrenaline drains, they go on auto-pilot and there is nothing but the match or game itself. I’ve played matches where afterward I realized I was so tuned into playing I never heard the crowd until the match was over; and I was playing on three hour sleep due to the magnitude of what I was about to do the following day.

        • Hi dwil,

          I mostly agree with you, even though that depends on sport you’re participating in.
          I tend to distinguish games, which are done by players, and sports which are done by athletes.
          If you’re player, in most of the times that means that at some point of your competition you can stop, regroup and continue. Be it half time, tome out, some other sort of break, or simple walk’watch while others are running after the ball.
          While most of the athletes never have that sort of “luxury” during their competition. Can you imagine a guy riding at Tour de France stopping to take a break? The same goes for athletics, swimming, rowing etc.
          My point is if you’re player you’re given more “slack”, than athlete. So you can afford to be sleep deprived and still perform on high level.
          If you have 21 days in and out, cycling stages that lasts for 4-5-6 hours every day, I don’t think you can do that more than i one stage.
          Being a three times Olympian for Yugoslavian, and Croatian teams, I had privilege to meet and get to know many of our top players/athletes.
          My biggest surprise was during the flight to my first Olympics (Seoul ’88.). Before that flight, I’ve only known and met people from rowing, and few swimmers. Now with everyone on board the plane, even before we took off, I hardy could see 10 rows in front of me, from cigarette smoke.
          My first thought was that coaches and other reps are smoking and chocking us.
          After my first stroll around the plane, I realized they were players (girls and guys alike) from our football, handball, volleyball, basketball and even waterpolo players.
          I couldn’t believe.
          And actually most of them were heavy smokers as well (very few from each team didn’t smoke).

          In Atlanta during the ’96 games, fire alarms in our building had to be switched off, because our handball, basketball and waterpolo guys were smoking like hell in their apartments. 🙂
          And still we got gold in handball, and silver in waterpolo. Incredible.
          My point is that if you’re player, you can afford more relaxed (let’s put it that way) approach to your game and still perform.

          BTW, from tennis world I’m good friends with: Goran Ivanišević, Slobodan Živojinović, Marko Ostoja, and none of them ever smoked.

        • Too bad, I can’t see the link you’ve posted.
          I agree that sleep time differ as much as we do among ourselves.
          I totally believe when Lewis said that he normally sleep 4-5 hours. To me it is believable, since I’ve done plenty of that, and yet managed to compete at Olympics three times.
          During my “pro” (I quote this, since there’s no sport out there that’s more amateur, yet requires as much training and sacrifice for as long as you’re seriously involved with it) involvement with rowing, and that was almost 20 years, I’ve hardly ever slept more than what I said in my previous post).
          Additional hour or two during the day, would be at the point in the season when we would have 2-3 practices a day.
          And I never felt like I need more.
          Today, when I’m pushing towards my second half of life (another fifty), I hardly ever sleep more than 6 hours.
          Even partying after some big competitions, or when season was over, I’d go like mad for days, with very little sleep, if any, for days, and didn’t really feel the effect.
          Okay, I’ve never drank alcohol, so that might help, but in his defense, besides being young and does what young people (especially of his position) do, he has to deal with jet lag as well.
          I’ve traveled around the world, never as extensively as Lewis does, but that’s something that every one of us had to cope with.
          And it does affect your sleeping rhythm.

  5. “The unknown is whether Lewis new found alcohol fuelled lifestyle, will affect his future driving performance.”…

    Don’t you think you’re going way overboard with that statement?

    “The Telegraph reveals that Lewis has attended a number of alcohol fuel parties since Austin”…… Yup that was so wrong of him, who goes to parties that has alcohol present?

    Reading this and the related news quotes, the impression that it is gives, is of someone who’s an alcoholic.

    Sometimes I wonder if with all the euphoria that surrounds his every single move, if he wished he was still living on that council estate in Stevenage, because this is a fucking joke. Has a car accident and he’s immediately being portrayed as an alcoholic.

    • Mr Hamilton deserves his right to party, I really cannot fault him with that..however, and here is the thing, he has a corporate image which fund this lifestyle and he is running the risk of destroying all his hard work. It can be a very fast slide from the top and I am sure there will be many people who will be ready to help his decent. He has a very media hungry fan base which crave anything that is Lewis Hamilton and the press lap this up and supply the information good and bad. Every detail of the Guys life will be now on show but this comes with being at the top. The likes of Schumi,Seb and even Kimi managed to enjoy themselves without slipping into A list, Hollywood mode,they each have the cars,the planes,the boats and smooch with the Greats of this world but always managed to protect their privacy, maybe a good PR team helps and I am sure that the previous Management team of Lewis didn’t help matters and if I could give him one bit of advice it would be to employ a Media manager to smooth away things like this. The message he has released has some serious warning signs and I really hope I am wrong and I hope it’s just a case of the Guy letting his hair down rather than the first signs of an ego ready to explode.

  6. So he made ‘very light contact with a stationary vehicle’, yet somehow three cars are damaged ?

    I’d love to know how that’s possible. In general if you rear end a car you’ve got to hit it pretty damn hard to push it into the car in front, and then that car into another car, and that’s the only plausible way that Lewis’s statement makes any kind of sense after all he said he only hit one car.

    If Lewis is driving like that now, then Massa best get some bumpers put around his Williams, you know what Lewis is like for hitting poor Felipe!

    • The photo I have seen on f1writers twitter feed (f1writers/status/664818047434248192) shows his car with scraped paint along the right hand side. It seems the incident happened at “Loews” (f1writers/status/664830423340605440)

  7. Maybe Lewis just lost the car on cold tyres (not the first time this season) and rather than admit to poor driving skills came up with the partying excuse 🙂

  8. It was because he is not used to Clutch control 🙂 I can’t imagine he had much time to ‘party’ when he was younger, let him have a bit of fun now the pressure is off.
    As per normal, anything a ‘celebrity’ does that can make news does. OK so he had an accident, he didn’t run away and faced the consequences, so no big deal.
    Back to normal race weekend, hope he has recovered, in fact maybe better if he had a bad Saturday quali so we can see some overtaking on Sunday 🙂

  9. “That said, the law enforcement officers of the Principality have been rumoured to be most discreet over previous embarrassing incidents involving their most wealthy of residents.”

    Baseless rumours? No evidence? Any hints as to where to find these alleged rumours of officers being “discreet over previous embarrassing incidents”. (Or will I get a response like the one you gave to Fudge Ahmed in the first post here?)

    • While the Judge’s gavel may have fallen a little heavily, I agree with the original statement. From my time living in the Principality, I heard the police can be quite lenient in some matters if you are a resident.

    • If they are being discreet there isn’t likely to be evidence. I would find it hard to believe if the citizens of Monaco, of Hamilton’s status, didn’t get special consideration from the police. My guess, as to cause, would be he likely fell asleep.

  10. TJ13 has exclusively revealed that ‘Monday night’ is not the same as 3.30 am Tuesday and that Lewis is therefore lying!!!

    • Droopy Draws #44 was evidently adjusting his body clock to Brasil time when was up driving around at three in the morning under the influence of a fever.

      BTW, it’s funny to hear a screaming hangover described as a “fever” again. My kids tried that one out a few times – as did yours truly 😉

  11. Does anyone here not do drugs or drink or, say, only drink wine to compliment certain dinners, but go to parties and, when having an especially good time, stay until the wee hours of the evening???

    Lewis Hamilton has never been reported to be “a drinker,” and has never, to my knowledge, been photographed, as has Nico Rosberg been, overtly bleary-eyed and shite-faced with some groupie over his shoulder (as a married man, I might add). Hamilton’s never been photographed, as Kimi has been, on boats with his mates, drinks in all hands with that, “I’m toasty,” grin.

    With the aforementioned said, why are people going from zero to 100 with this story – assuming a drunken escapade that is, perhaps, being covered up by a compliant local Monaco police force? (BTW, many of the above comments – comments across the Interwebs – concerning Hamilton are how the CIA-created term, “conspiracy theory,” was meant to work – to allow people to denigrate themselves; conflating news reports about a person with their personal opinions of the person, imposing their biases on a person when receiving information about a person involved in an event.)

  12. When will he learn that arriving at and departing from parties in style requires a 40-foot-long limo? Then he can eat, drink, and, should his tummy protest, throw up in the back seat in privacy.

  13. This isn’t news and the only point of interest is how again Lewis massive insecurity complex rises to the surface for no reason at all.

    He doesn’t party hard. Trust me. So any aspect of the news that implies this is worthless dribble of Someone (author) who’s not important repeating like a parrot the agenda of someone who is important.

  14. So James Hunt could stub a gag out just before lights out, womanise and generally get totally pissed on every available opportunity, yet when Lewis achieves his LIFE LONG DREAM (remember that’s the culmination of over 20 years of hard work, sacrifice and dedication) and goes and celebrates in style, he is being accused of destroying his hard earned credibility and being reckless.
    I’m mean, hell! I only need it to be Friday to have an excuse for a bit of partying……

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