How would you rate the 2015 United States Grand Prix? Please use the comments section to tell us why you voted the way you did.

37 responses to “Rate the Race: 2015 FORMULA 1 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX

  1. 10. Great entertainment today. Great sub plots throughout the field.
    Maybe Bernie should get the sprinklers on every race.
    Congrats Lewis on a great championship.

  2. Gave that a 10!! That race had everything. At one point Seb was favourite to win, then Nico. That was bloody brilliant!

  3. Gave it a 4. Way to may safety cars. It was like a typical American race throwing “full course cautions”. I hope F1 is not encouraged to follow that model for close racing, but rather change the rules to encourage proper racing.

    • Full SC did seem extreme to move the Sauber. Plus if Charlie had delivered the original intention of the VSC that section of track could be isolated

    • Rosberg reminds me of Senna in this regard. Very sour when losing, particularly when he effectively already had lost it anyway.

        • Apparenlty I do. I know the following:

          He was a human male
          He was Brazilian
          He was one of the best ever drivers in the sport of F1
          He was a very sore loser and generally miserable when not getting both what he wanted and the adoration of everyone around him
          He was generally much happier when winning but still could say something sour regardless
          He was the subject of a terrible documentary called Senna wherein we learned just about nothing about how he drove so well and he was portrayed as an idiot savant preyed upon by F1 evil doers
          His McLaren was the first F1 car I saw on circuit when I was able to finally attend a race
          He’s in the painting I have of him in the McLaren on the wall, it is my only F1 related thing I own but since I know nothing about him I have no idea he’s in the painting
          He died from a wishbone speared into his skull at Imola 1994

    • Lol. But if he’d have been Mr happy he would have been accused of not caring enough. Think some of Hamilton’s previous outbursts have been excused by this notion

      • I don’t see that happening at all. All the driver outbursts are spoken of when they occur. See Lewis at Monaco last season for one example.

  4. Vettel continues what is essentially a flawless season. The only way to come back from a season like ’14 for the most successful driver on the grid.

    The fact he brought the championship to the 4th from last race Against the most dominate car of the last decade shows not only is he on Alonso’s level but basically better after WDC count back (4 vs 2 in case nobody was counting).

    Jenson helping to prove this point today with the weaker PU. LOL.

    • Rosberg also brought the championship to this stage as well, because had he won the race, we would have to wait another week. So let’s not act as if it was a one man Job.

  5. 10. Crazy race, perfect result for Hamilton. Although there were too many SCs, I think for once Charlie Whiting did the right thing and the marshals could operate in safe conditions.

    Congratulations to Lewis on his 3rd title. Great stuff and an honor watching him win. Rosberg somehow threw the race away, I can understand why he was so pissed, Hamilton didn’t have to overtake him, Rosberg gave him the title in a golden gift-wrap…

  6. Best race of the year! On what should become, one of the greatest tracks ever.
    Maybe I’m a little biased there.
    Given the fact that Bobby Epstein, ( owner of the track) thought it was ok to have nine of the lift operators hired from a local temporary staffing agency, and had no experience, the safety cats were necessary.

      • This is a Tilke engineered track. Not designed. Tavo Helmund and Kevin Schwantz actually drew this up before Tilke was contacted.
        I got to see their drawings, in 2007, while at a usac midget race, I helped Tavo put on. Which is why I’m kind of biased.

  7. There were two serious problems with this race. First, Bernie will now start requiring mandatory sprinklers on all race tracks by 2018. Second, Bernie will re-introduce double points at Abu Dhabi for the next year, since the championship is over so early once again. Mediocre.


  8. This race indeed had everything. An epic battle to secure the WDC, mixed conditions, many retirements, and some brilliant overtaking up and down the field. 10 in my book , we’ll be watching Austin ’15 again for years.

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