New Sponsors for Lotus in Singapore


Cash strapped Lotus will learn their fate in a London court on Friday. The options open to the judge are threefold.

Firstly, he can extend the time for Lotus to ‘negotiate’ with its creditors of whom Renault are presumably one.

The team could be placed under the administrative direction of a court appointed officer to investigate thoroughly the financial state of the Enstone team and protect creditor’s interests.

Finally, Renault may ride to the rescue and confirm their acquisition of Lotus, then the judge may dismiss the creditors’ petition given the financial might behind French manufacturer.

It appears from yesterday’s statements at the Frankfurt car show that Carlos Ghosn, the head of Renault-Nissan is spoiling for a fight with Red Bull and even possibly with the FIA. So unless Bernie Ecclestone recognises financially Renault’s historic contribution to Formula One, the French automotive manufacturer may stick two fingers up to the establishment and withdraw from F1 all together.

One source of good news for the Lotus team is the fat they will be sporting the names of two new sponsors this weekend in Singapore.

The Four Seasons and HPL Hotels (a Singapore based hospitality management company) will both see their logo’s as part of the black and gold livery.

However, HPL may simply be a one race deal, similar to the local sponsorship Red Bull were associated with various national chains of super markets.

11 responses to “New Sponsors for Lotus in Singapore

  1. I can’t imagine that a company like Renault is putting its whole F1 future on the line for maybe 10 million euro difference in cost of buying Lotus, where there is still a pretty big risk that Renault will be unable to buy once the whole lot goes into administration and other’s might start to bid on the remains.
    IMHO Renault doesn’t want to pay a dime for the team, doesn’t really want to invest in its engines anymore and has no agreement from the board to offer anything significant for Lotus or running the team. It has to be done with other people’s money.
    So, I guess, even when Renault eventually succeeds, I do not see a team that can be really competitive in the next decade. If Renault were honest, they would simply pull out and concentrate on their other safe no competition projects outside of F1. There is no place for a factory team that is not willing to throw a good budget at an F1 project. Underinvesting has been Renault’s problem for years.

    • Underspending? Are we talking about the same Renault factory that became world champion in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 (and many times before)? You don’t become world champion by underspending nowadays.
      You confirm Renault’s current problem, namely that when the teams they supply engines to aren’t top notch, they get the blame.

  2. It would be funny if Lotus went into administration and RBT buys the Mercedes engine contract….. Altough Mercedes must have put a clause in it that the contract cannot be transferred to a third party.

  3. Andy Ruhan the Lotus majority owner is a successful business man, he may have options which we do not know about, if not something would probably have happened by now regarding the Renault buy-out.
    On the other hand, Renault is a big company, but Ghosn’s hands are tied when it comes to spending money, remember that Renault is government owned.
    Also, Renault is right to want “historical status” like the others that enjoys such status, they might deserve it more than some that enjoys it, this status involves a minimum of 30m annually.
    If Renault buys a majority stake in Lotus, and Ghosn manages to make all his ends meet, Renault will not spend a penny out of its own pocket, or very few.

    • The other joker that Renault has in its’ pack is that both Total and Infinity are their sponsors and are bound to have clauses in their contracts which will enable them to migrate to Lotus with Renault when/if necessary. Additionally if RBR go Ferrari they will require Shell fuel and will be required to acknowledge their input unequivocally (ie: no Total conflict) – I doubt they will accept being treated like Renault have by RBR.

    • Renault is only partially (19.73% as of april 2015. – Wikipedia) owned by government, so I don’t think it is, or will be deciding factor.
      In my opinion they should and will remain in F1.
      Withdrawing will be really bad PR for them, although they didn’t get a god one in last two seasons either.
      They didn’t get much credit not even when they’ve winning either with Williams, or Red Bull.
      The only credit they’ve got was when they were winning as factory owned team on their own right.
      Looking back at their participation and success in F1 over the decades, they rightly deserve “historic” bonus. If nothing else, they deserve it more than Red Bull does. 🙂
      Maybe they have something up their sleeves, since they didn’t use any tokens this year.
      who knows, maybe they will produce competitive PU for next season, with divorce from Red Bull they will have right to use it only by themselves – hence the delay for the announcement about Lotus buyout.
      Once they part ways with Red Bull officially, I guess, they will announce buyout rather soon after. 🙂

  4. Why do I get the idea that Lotus couldn’t pay the hotel and offered to put the name on the car instead.
    That is one way of getting ‘sponsors’.

  5. If things don’t get sorted with Lotus pretty quickly, their two cars could be gone from an already thin grid. This cannot be good news for Bernie as it might cause him to be in breach of contact with the different race organizers. I also think that their is a clause in the power unit contract that addresses it being passed on or sold to third parties.

    I also think that Red Bull have some plans for 2016-possibly VAG if they can’t work things out with Ferrari? Ferrari would insist on being treated properly so they don’t incur brand damage.

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