#F1 Forensics: Fastest Laps

Brought to you by TheJudge13 Technical Analyst Tourdog

How fast were they? Take a look at the fastest laps achieved by every driver in all qualifying and Race Sessions.

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7 responses to “#F1 Forensics: Fastest Laps

    • Hey Don. This really all started with a breakdown of PU and gearbox usage.
      Since Manor are using a 2014 spec car, I didn’t bother compiling their data, as there was no use comparing apples to oranges.
      Now that things have gotten a bit larger, I still don’t care about manor, and I’m not about to spend another 2 days putting their lap times in..
      Sorry, Manor fans. But lets face it, Manor is only there to get the cash from last years points. Does anyone really think they will be around next year?
      And if so, do you think they will have a current Ferrari PU, or will they still be a year behind?

      • I understand you reluctance to waste your time. It has to be a lot of work. Forgive me for forgetting that you are not professionals and just fans. No problem. But, I do disagree with you that they will not be there next year. I don’t think they are making a profit on the pittance that they got for scoring in the prior year. Based on the articles the Judge13 and other sources have printed they cannot be making money – It cost more than that to run a team. Oh well, time will tell.

  1. Thanks again Tourdog, another fabulous instalment. plenty for me to ponder over the weekend 🙂

    while I know fastest lap times don’t tell the whole story, it does put Kimi’s ability in a good light (especially given Sebs history of liking to grab fastest laps – or maybe Seb is just maturing or maybe not motivated to risk all when the FL is unattainable anyway). Also might be taken as further argument against Bottas promotion, certainly not showing out and out pace advantage over Massa.

    Now if only Kimi could sort out qualifying……..hmm, you’ve given me deja vu all over again on the Kimi optimism front, damn you 😀

  2. Thanks Tourdog for your efforts here. It appears there is an error in the data for Canada Race pace, as you have Sebastian’s time highlighted green indicating quickest lap at 77.105, while the data in your table shows that Kimi’s quickest lap was 76.987. Were you discounting Kimi’s fast lap for some reason? Regards.

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