Hippo’s Comeback Rant: Mercedes’ Bigotry

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Einmal möchte ich ein Böser sein, eine miese Sau,
For once I want to be a Baddie, a mean ***hole,
Einmal richtig hundsgemein für einen Tag genau,
Once, really friggin’ mean, just for one day.
Einmal möchte ich ein Böser sein, grausam und brutal
For once I want to be a Baddie, cruel and brutal.
Und dann zieh ich meine Spur, durch dieses Jammertal
And I’ll leave a trail in this valley of tears.

We cannot know, but it appears this gem of Austrian music by legendary musicians EAV could have been playing inside the Mercedes headquarters sometime in 2013 when they knew they’d be making a mockery of F1 from 2014 forwards. It appears, despite two Ferrari wins this year, Mercedes are beginning to understand that they are heading towards where Red Bull has already been. Win too much and you p*** off a lot of fanbases.

As always with Mercedes, however, there are coming conflicting signals from the bunker. Toto Wolff recently was cited that he thought the recent heap of negativity piled on F1 was not all that bad as it kept the series in the news, all okay as long as Merc is winning.

Niki Lauda meanwhile was quoted as saying that F1 should take a page out of motorcycle racing, because unlike F1 cars, motorcycles were difficult to drive.


Niki, Motorcycles are the stupidest invention ever. Them things fall over when you leave them stationary somewhere and if you have a crash on them, you’re dead. I don’t think that’s what F1 should be shooting for. I agree with your idea of making F1 cars more challenging to drive though. FIA had a great idea lately, saying starts shouldn’t be remote controlled from the pitwall anymore. Guess who complained the loudest – surprise – it was Mercedes.

Bring on Spa.

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    • When I thought of replying in dutch (welkom terug) I rembered something about the dutch F1 program from a couple of years ago.
      There was this typical text-and-loose-2-euro’s commercial during the breaks. It was (appeared) live. The fun thing about it was that the lady always said “Welkom terug,” as if the race was a break during her program.

      Ps. don’t know why I felt the need to Greet Hippo in dutch, maybe because I think he would’ve understood. Which wouldn’t have been that hard given the context. Shit. I’m rambling.

  1. Just a thought, but is it possible that Mercedes have been trying out the new start procedures coming in from Spa.
    Their arrogance has let them down again though I feel if it has been the case.
    They probably imagined as they are so far out in front of anybody else they can get a head start on practicing the manual starts, as they will be able to just overtake everyone in the race anyway.
    Their poor starts do coincide with the announcement of the start procedure changing. They just got lucky in Silverstone as Williams are incompetent fools on the pitwall but in Hungary were found right out.
    Maybe we will see them feeling the benefit of practicing the new starts before everyone else at Spa and romp away from the field.
    My hope is they are just as hopeless as they have been in the last couple of races though! It’s nice to see them not getting everything their own way for a change.

    • I think they said after Hungary that they were practicing. But they also have changed the settings this year – ther was one more to Nico’s liking and one more to Lewis’. So in the end, they split the settings.
      To me, this suggests Mercedes really Has an Achilles heel and I hope to see more of it!

      • They started to practice the new start procedure at Silverstone and then Hungary. It was covered in the podcast after Silverstone and we did an article on it after Hungary.

        • Didn’t know that – I’m afraid I’m too impatient for podcasts and I’ve been on holiday which meant I also did a F1-media-cold turkey.

          By the way, love your new avatar!

  2. I started watching motogp a couple races back after a long time and I have to say the pint sized jockeys come across as gladiators throwing there bodies around.

    In comparison F1 drivers come across as divas. I mean no disrespect to Jules B but F1 drivers just pale in comparison to motogp riders. That being said I will watch every F1 race and only tune in for the occasional motogp race.

  3. Don’t think Vettel winning turned people off this much. They hated him but kept watching. I remember during 2009/10/11/12 people saying McLaren being faster for different periods of time, same with Lotus in 2012/2013, or Ferrari in 2010/2012/2013. Next year though everyone would talk like Red Bull had a rocketship all season long. So there’s always a bit of an exaggeration with Red Bull performance from 2009 onwards. But for the last 2 years, never mind the championships, you don’t have a chance of winning races under normal circumstances if you are not a Merc driver. That’s why this year with excellent Merc reliability it was very refreshing to see Vettel win 2 races.

  4. FH rants are back! Thank you for the laughter.

    How Mercedes handles themselves as they win many races and anger fanbases is a true test of Toto’s leadership skills. I view his comments about the negativity benefiting the sport as putting his foot in his mouth and sounding stupid. He’s smarter than that and should know better.

    If this sport is in the news because of negative comments from the fanbase and other who follow the sport, there are problems and Formula 1 does have significant problems. Negative press is the wrong type of press for a sport to have.

    “Maybe Bernie’s motto is valid: you have to keep the sport in the news.” I think that I’m going to vomit. Toto shouldn’t follow Bernie’s motto and ways because he’ll end up getting burned by Bernie and in trouble like Bernie does. People are only used by Bernie for his own purposes and gains and then once they are of no use anymore; they are discarded like trash. Toto hasn’t learned that yet. A good leader never goes down to Bernie’s level.

  5. Motorbikes and motorbike racing; one either “gets” it, or one doesn’t.

    It is – for me – the purest form of motorsport, requiring the most feel, skill, mental resilience, race craft and bravery from a pilot than any other form of motorsport.

    Equally, the personal thrill of piloting a motorbike quickly, through a corner on a track day, is unparalleled. I say this as someone who can compare as I’ve piloted and properly raced four wheeled race machines up to and including F3’s and a some tintop’s at a national level.

    The Isle of Man TT… I haven’t words. One either gets it, or doesn’t.

    All that to one side, the personalities in motorcycle racing tend to be so much more likeable too, to me, in my humble and relatively worthless opinion.

    I think Niki is correct.

    Oh, and welcome back, Hippo.

  6. I luv ur comments!
    Dad rode an Indian motorbike “in the barrel” at Kennywood amusement park in Pittsburgh. Pa eons ago. always had a number of friends who rode and some who raced – one did the annual 5 hr race at Nelson Ledges in NE Ohio. flat track dirt racing was always the bomb to watch…
    I have never had the experience of riding except for a MOPED on a Solo ll autocross course. even being the heaviest, I won out of 8 of us running for time on that moped.. it was amazing how much fun I had – not quite like being in my heavily modified 280HP Titan MKV at the Barberton bull ring or Nelsons or Mid Ohio or Mosport or the Glen, but seriously fun and thrilling!
    I cannot ever imagine the massive skill level, strength, endurance, mindset, and balls of the top motorbike racers!
    on the other hand, I look at the scrawny young little boys in F1 wrapped in multiple layers of the most exclusive and expensive safety devises known to mankind and “driving” to a computerized delta – mostly on safe and sanitized low speed parking lots with plenty of runoff and rubberized cushioning…
    BTW, most have forgotten the untimely death of a truly great race driver – Mark Donohue

    • Exactly this, above… you get it.

      280HP Titan MKV, wow. Sideways!

      Counter steering would be your friend. 😀


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