Bianchi buried in Nice


It was the day we never hoped to see again; the day another Formula One driver was buried and the Formula One community was represented en masse at Jules Bianchi’s funeral in Nice.

Friends and family carried the coffin into the Sainte Reparate Cathedral, and hundreds of mourners joined the family in their time of grief.

Jean-Eric Vergne said after the service: “One of the greatest drivers has left us, but with such a beautiful souvenir. He has been a great person, outside and on the track.

“His name will stay written in the history of Formula 1. He has done a lot. He is with the greatest now, and he will always be in our hearts.”

Yesterday the FIA decided to retire Jules driver number #17 and for now it is time for the family to mourn their lost son. But soon questions yet unasked will follow, as the family have previously indicated there are people looking after Jules interests and reputation.

Of course the exact nature of Jules’ passing will be explained further at some point. His father Philippe indicated he was despondent just a few weeks ago when stating: “In general, progress needs to be made in the first six months. It has been nine months now and Jules has still not woken up and there is no significant progress.

…There comes a point when you have to just keep your feet on the ground and realise the gravity of the situation”.

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  1. Normally I wouldn’t bring typo’s to your attention, but given the subject of this news item, please could you correct the spelling error in the title. Buried, not Burried. thanks.

  2. “Of course the exact nature of Jules’ passing will be explained further at some point.”. Why will it be? This is a purely personal matter and the family should keep it so.

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