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  1. The race isn’t over yet. so I’ll wait until the end, but had to be exiting last 10 laps to get anything higher than 2. But let’s see what kind of an exciting finish we’ll have.

  2. So Valhalla do I have your permission to call this one a rookie mistake? Because this driving over that line is even worse. And your argument of yesterday won’t stick today. (Because not everybody did it) his car was nearly half over the line.

    • Dear bruznic, you don´t need my permission for anything but thanks for asking, and today you seem to be right, that was a bit clumsy.
      But I reserve final verdict until the two inhouse Lewis experts, Fortis and Formula, has given their unbiased opinion. 😉

  3. Ok nothing exciting happened; so 1. Race was over after first lap.

    Post race interest will be on the stories how Hamilton was perfect and he should have won but….

  4. I feel unable to rate this race as for the third time this year it has been totally ruined by Sky.

    Does anyone else use Sky Go to watch the races? If so, did anyone else have problems, especially during the last third to quarter of the race? Towards the last 5 laps it was stopping, buffering, running for about 10 seconds then stopping again. Totally unwatchable. Earlier in the season – I can’t remember which race, possibly China, I was unable to even get the stream up until half way in to the race. A third race had similar issues to today where towards the end it was breaking up but not as much as this one.

    I’m sure this is a capacity issue and nothing to do with my setup – the stream was running on a very low quality setting today and still buffering. I can watch something on catchup in full quality with no problems at all. Even once the race had finished it immediately stopped buffering. I’m convinced they simply don’t have the server capacity to handle the number of people watching.

    If so, then it’s another nail in the coffin for F1 viewers in this country as if Bernie pushes coverage away from FTA then anyone who wants to watch it stuch with the poor service Sky offers.

    (From what I saw, I’d rate it a 7 or 8. Some good passing and good dices, coupled with a track that is a pleasure to look at.)

    • Here in Slimlandia I got a expensive Sky Sat, for that I get some crap between the ads, so it´s the interwebs for all the things worthy to watch, today I got about half the race, normally it´s maybe 75%. Very frustrating indeed.

    • I had the same issues today (and sometimes in the past), but I switched to another feed – NBC – and even to another streaming provider. all had the same issue. I checked my Mbps which was normal. then I tried resetting my modem and router and restarted my ‘puter to no improvement. not certain where the problem lies, but did not appear to be anything specific to SKY for me…

      • I had the same issues today (and sometimes in the past), but I switched to another feed – NBC – and even to another streaming provider. all had the same issue. I checked my Mbps which was normal. then I tried resetting my modem and router and restarted my ‘puter to no improvement. not certain where the problem lies, but did not appear to be anything specific to SKY for me… I should add just a bit to this. having been frustrated for nearly a quarter of the race and then loosing more to all the resets, I did NOT attempt to play with various VPN sites which could have potentially improved my feed. in addition, I prefer the SKY feed overall to that of NBC, BUT, regardless of what racing series I watch, NBC is about 4 times better on the video resolution and color quality than SKY ever is but only about half as loud on the audio side. argh. go figure! I luv getting free streaming feeds and know that could be made more difficult at any time. the thing is, I would be willing to pay something for a reliable and quality streaming feed. is that not the very definition of monetization?? too bad Frenchie and the ancient crook can’t figure that out…

  5. Loved it. Sad for F1 when I just accept no action for 1st. Great battles down the field though, some great entertainment as long as not looking up front. Not as much action as GP2, but a very enjoyable Sunday.


    • Its a sham… With Mclaren, RBR and Torro Rosso driving around with world class drivers BUT having them racing with their hands tied around their back then this is what you get.

      A third of the field cant compete because:
      A. They lack funding and infrastructure aka Manor and in a sense Sauber aswell.
      B. They cant get a hold of a power unit worthy of the name aka Mclaren, RBR and Torro Rosso

    • Mate, take your beta blockers before you watch the US Open golf later today (or tomorrow morning depending where you are) , otherwise it might be too much to your heart. 😜😃
      Maybe my expectation that there’s challenge for podium is too much. Sure this race made the whole season more exciting between the merc drivers. But still missing the real racing; some back drivers overtaking is not enough.

  6. All-in-all, quite a lively race. With many story plots and twists and turns – dicing, too – the Austria GP should have given F1 fans the excitement they’ve been craving. It also appears there is a 35-and under generation of “fan” who solely watches the sport voyeuristically and with little or no understanding of the nuances incumbent in this level of racing. Unfortunately, they are for the moment, ruling he social media “airwaves.”

    Here’s to hoping they get adequately quieted.

    (Warning: this is not a Hamfosi argument. Hoping to get legitimate thoughts in response…)

    Despite Hamilton’s poor start (clutch problem, or was the pole on the marble side of the track, or both?), had Kiki not shown that he might be done as an F1 driver, Rosberg would have been dead meat by lap. Hamilton already attempted two passes within the first five corners and would have been well within a second of Rosberg by the opening DRS lap.

    That said, how did Rosberg, again, escape a drive-though for blatantly being coached during the safety lap??? This is the third occasion – I think – Rosberg has been let off the hook for illegally receiving instructions (perhaps second, as Hamilton may have escaped penalty once and not Rosberg). One would think the marshals would be especially listening for Rosberg, as he was the sole driver to be, pre-penalty, consistently talked through races.

    Secondly, I am curious if anyone has knowledge of the exact speed in which the drivers enter the pit lane speed trap? By the time Rosberg recovered from his run-in with the turf, he was no more than 20-30 meters from the speed trap line.

    All drivers approach the line with as much speed as they can carry, with a final slowing at the last second possible. Because of his mistake Rosberg lead carrying the same speed he normally would have at 50-75 meters… but he was but 20-30 meters from the line!

    Finally, a complaint about Rosberg. From his, wholly contrived, off-handed contrary answer to a question Hamilton previously answered to stage diving into his team post-race like he was a first-time winners and running around afterward like he’d clinched the WDC, rather than like a man with the best car every race, I’m fed up with Rosberg’s petty whining and excuse making when things don’t go his way. Fed up with his air of privilege in those moments.

    I’m equally sickened by his purposeful over-exuberance when winning a pole or a race – and especially his general smugness toward ant Hamilton misfortune (and don’t try to defend him with by cherry-picking one post-race Monaco statement, as everything else he said was toward denying he’d been completely gifted a win)

    In the U.S., athletes like Nico Rosberg are described as, “bush league” (a term originally used only to describe Major League Baseball players who act unprofessionally, as if the were still in the minor leagues, or bush leagues).

    In ending, If there is any conspiracy here, it is on the F1 officiating and governing body. Since each race there are massive complaints about the “lack of racing,” the only element of the season that can placate the unruly hordes is a close WDC battle. Is it beyond Bernie, et al. to do everything they can to contrive excitement? Well, beyond the scads of stories here, in articles and in comments, pointing to conspiracies, one needs only think, “double points” to know nothing is beyond Ecclestone, including maleficence.

    And finally…

    Did ANYONE ask Verstappen about his twitch that: 1) resulted in one of the scarier incidents that did not result in an accident that I’ve ever seen; 2) illustrated just how good F1 drivers are, and; 3) is illustrative of just how protected he is.

    I know what’s-her-name from Sky assiduously steered clear of asking Pastor about the incident but don’t know whether he was asked by anyone from BBC or Will Buxton, or anyone else at NBC Sports.

    On Sky when the replay was shown, it seemed that Herbert was about to say something when he either caught himself or was being yelled at in his ear by a producer to shut it down. After a brief but noticeable pause, the excuse that Verstappen inadvertently went the same direction as Maldonaldo.

    If this was true it further elucidates Verstappen’s lack of experience in the upper levels of open wheel racing. However, having watched Max V. In GP3 and now in F1, this type of nasty maneuver is well within his being. It is, at least for now, quite apparent he is, again being let off the hook for what could have resulted in the type of crash from which Maldonado might well have not walked away.

    The Sky commentators, post-race, joked that Maldonado violently reacted to seeing the fuel saving light come on. The joke – Damon Hill – was not at all funny. It was sickening to watch Hill tell the joke for, I hope, what are obvious reasons.

    Sadly, the incident will almost assuredly, unless a large enough stink is raised in the F1 media, not be reviewed. And I’m sure the Verstappians here will come out in droves to defend more inexcusable, immature on-track behavior from their newly-found hero… oh well.

    • >(Warning: this is not a Hamfosi argument. Hoping to get legitimate thoughts in response…)

      It IS a Hamfosi argument, and a pretty inane one at that. You wasted two paragraphs on explaining how Hamilton was the sure winner, but god and the world conspired against him, completely ignoring the fact that except for that one lap in Q3 Rosberg had been consistently faster all weekend. That’s the very definition of a Fanboi argument.

          • Hippo – is there any chance that the Judge might set up a Kindergarten Korner, to which these unending, inane Fanboy comments can be transferred ? At least then they can have an outlet for their emotional out-pourings, leaving the grown-ups to get on and have sensible discussions about the racing (or lack thereof) ?

            Yours, in hope……..

          • We are a site from the fans for the fans, so unless it’s utterly abusive, we allow all arguments. But at the same time, you’ll have to be able to take the reaction of other fans to what you post. If you let go of an inane rant in a pub, you also have to live with it if everybody laughs at you. Same here.

          • That’s just the way hippo and fortis express their mutual love for each other.

    • This over 40 old F1 follower can only say “hallelujah!” And wish you to stay strong in believing in your God even during these hard times when his perfection is questioned.

    • You reveal a lot about yourself in this comment, DWil. I think I’ll leave it there…

      • Well since dwill explained to us how he was so much better and intelligenter as us the first time he gave us the pleasure of commenting. Showing us plebs that a guy of his calibre did us a solid by giving us a chance to read his opinion, I’ve been firmly ignoring him.

    • If Hamilton had a race pace advantage over Rosberg, he would’ve attacked Rosberg. This track enables on-track passing better than most.

      It appeared Rosberg had better race pace today.

      Gold star won for longest rant. Too much coffee? 😉

    • > That said, how did Rosberg, again, escape a drive-though for blatantly being
      > coached during the safety lap???

      Didn’t Lewis ask, during Q3, how he was losing out in a particular corner and after being told went on to improve drastically in that sector and thus take pole?

      Coaching, no?

      • He asked the question whilst he was in the pits, not whilst on track. This was something both Croft and Brundle mentioned when the radio message was broadcast. Also you have to remember that the radio messages are delayed.

        • OK, I got the impression it was while he was on-track. I was aware of the one in the pits, I thought this was a different occasion.

      • Btw, did you hear that Charlie Whiting said Hamilton was coached in Canada, but since no one made a formal complaint it was overlooked?

        • So it takes a formal complaint before anything is done?

          How does that work? I thought only the stewards had access to all team radio? If they are waiting for people who only hear a fraction of the radio traffic to complain then they are going to have a long wait…

          I do get the impression most if not all drivers get coaching well beyond the intention of the regulation. Indeed very little actually seems to have changed since this was brought in.

  7. To Hippo @ 17:41 – as there’s no further replies allowed in the thread…..

    I suppose that the point that I was trying to make is that the level of Fanboy rants has reached the level that it is (or, at least, seems to me to be) obscuring the interesting news and worthy comments in torrents of noise-level cr*p. I support everyone’s right to have an opinion and to be able express that opinion but it would so much improve the site if part of it was devoid of “my champion is better than your champion” being repeated ad nauseam by those who probably don’t know what ‘ad nauseam’ means.

    My opinion, of course – to which I am definitely entitled 😉

    • I get what you’re saying, but I do like reading them sometimes, and you can skip past them. One thing to remember is we all like this site, and one of the reason is maybe because the news articles do have a personal slant to them, which makes it all the more interesting, sometimes this will cause a clash of opinion, but as long as the debates have some logic to them, they can be quite fascinating.

      Also it seems sometimes that hippo baiting is a sport, and can be quite entertaining 🙂 which I think dwil was participating in, but got carried away and tossed logic out of the window.

      • The main problem I find is that the worst offenders are unable to sensibly discuss things. When debate become a play-school argument that is when it needs putting in the padded room.

        I nearly posted in my original comment something along on the lines of how soon will it be before it’s Rosbergs fault that Hamilton didn’t win. Nice not to be disappointed…

  8. FFS Ferrari, Williams, McLaren, and Manor get them cars sorted out then we can have some proper races throughout the the full field. As it is, the main focus of the race is resolved largely on a Saturday/Lap one… after then, its just a race for third and point amongst a select few of the remainder. Even then, the race could still be decent if FOM followed a lead anchor, and if we had any left who knew their job, but we don’t, so we spend a lot of time watching a hodge podge mashup of slow mo’s and thermal imaging, and random incidents around the track… where is the narrative!

    I’m sorry I ever moaned when Schumacher had a dominant car, and Vettel. Not that those were not dominant, just that, like non parent who tell you they are tired, I never knew at the time just what the full scope of the definition meant. On Fathers day, I can say my kids have taught me what tired means, and Mercedes taught me what dominant is… please make both of them stop!

  9. besides maldonados tank slapper at 180mph and the raikonnen crash the race was bland. the cars do look great at this track though. good sense of speed and effort.

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