Sauber denies financial troubles behind engine decision

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Ferrari arrived at this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix with a new upgraded power unit and the hope of toppling the Silver Arrows team. Having used 3 of their remaining tokens for the season, it’s believed  this upgraded unit is will deliver an extra 15-30 bhp.

However their customer team, Sauber, has decided not to use the upgraded engine until the Belgian Grand Prix in August, which is following the summer break. This has lead to paddock speculation that Sauber are in financial trouble and are behind on their payments to Ferrari.

Team principal Monisha Kaltenborn came out in defence of Sauber’s decision, stating that this was done for strategic and sporting reasons as they also plan to introduce some aerodynamic upgrades simultaneously With the deployment of the upgraded Ferrari PU. Kaltenborn States the aim is a matter of timing and should help the team finish much higher in the constructors’ standings at the end of the season.

It is nothing to do with financial,” she said. “That is the strategy which has been chosen for when you want to introduce what engine you want to use when.

Kaltenborn said that waiting to make the most of potential improvements should pay of in the end.

The issue is when do you introduce a new engine?” she explained. “We are on our second engine and they [Ferrari] are getting in their third engine.

Obviously they have a different strategy, and may need to return to an older engine, but that is a different approach to things.

The other thing is that development is ongoing. Maybe we can get more when it [power] really matters: and Spa is a race where it really matters.

Here [in Canada] is fine and the next one coming is also alright. But Spa and Monza are the ones where you can really feel the upgrade, so maybe there is more to come.

But one has to wonder, given Force India and McLaren’s current struggles, would it not be wise to try and score as many points as possible now as the opportunity presents itself.

A wise man once said, “A bird in the hand, is worth two in the bush.”

So is to delay really the wise decision? Or even the real reason?

9 responses to “Sauber denies financial troubles behind engine decision

  1. Clearly a strategic reason behind the decision: now she can sell a seat to another driver with the added value of a better engine than the other two drivers are using. She is a genius.

  2. Be interesting to see what she will say if one of their older spec 2nd engines chew themselves up, will she still have a reason to delay moving to the upgraded unit? Certainly agree that with every passing race Sauber are less likely to score points on merit, I’d use every advantage I could take as soon as I could if I were Sauber, finance permitting. Maybe if Marcus or Felipe gave up a few more FP1s…..

    • Omg! Someone used it! I established “trend”. I am “on trend”. I can die a happy man… #JeSuisFortis #JoinedTheKids #CanDieHappy #IsThisTooMuch #Probably

      As for the article; nice write-up, Fortis.

      I actually buy Monisha’s story. They’ll have more engines / engine life in an upgraded state. I’d certainly consider the same strategy.

  3. So how exactly are Ferrari going to be running THREE different engine homologations all at the same time?
    Am I totally off base, or don’t the rules stipulate that an engine manufacturer can only have ONE homolgation at a time?
    If Ferrari uses tokens to upgrade their PU, and Homologate it, doesn’t that FORCE Sauber to upgrade?
    Am I crazy?

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