Red Bull keeping the pressure up on Renault


We’ve seen in recent weeks the big guns at Red Bull threatening to bring ‘hell fire and brimstone’ down upon the French manufacturing facility in Viry Chatilon, along with threatening to quit Formula One.

This ‘tough talk’ merely elicited explanations from Renault that their world championship winning partner had forced them to being engines to GP weekends which were not fully tested.

In recent weeks, the hyperbole from Christian Horner has mellowed to accepting, “In reality, our best chance is with Renault – and vice versa. We have won 50 Grands Prix and eight world championships together — so sometimes frustration boils over.”

Yet the attacks on the French F1 engine manufacture have simply moved further down the Red Bull tree of seniority.

Max Verstappen revealed in detail how his Renault engine performed in the Bahrain race. “I think the car is capable of [fifth], it is just the thing behind the car which is a bit of a nightmare.

“I’m not going to lie about that.

“You could see that with Ricciardo, he made some fireworks at the finish [when his engine failed].”

One week earlier, young Max also explained the difficulties he was having during the race in China where he was forced to retire.

“The whole race I was already having problems with the engine. After the first pitstop, I had to go into safe mode. I had no power basically.

“I was losing a lot of power on the straights. It was just a mess. I was like a sitting duck to everyone. At one point I was driving alone waiting to get lapped.”

Daniel Kvyat who is clearly frustrated he has not been able to start his career with the Big Bulls as did his team mate stated following the last race in Bahrain. “I think we don’t want any promises: we just want to see the progress itself.”

Verstappen and Kvyat’s opinions don’t hit the radar quite like those of Horner, Marko and Mateschitz – yet the message is still being drip fed to the media – that Renault are the root of all Red Bull Racing’s problems.

By contrast, Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso are supportive of their engine partner’s efforts believing, the wait will be worth it

6 responses to “Red Bull keeping the pressure up on Renault

  1. It’s not too surprising two former world champions nearer the ends of their careers are happier to be trundling around with a package that’s clearly got a lot of potential than two young, up-and-coming drivers who’s futures will likely rely on the results they get this season whilst being powered by an engine supplier who should realistically be in a much better position than they are.

    Max Verstappen was subjected to a lot of criticism and cynicism from all angles (including this site) when he was announced as a Toro Rosso driver for this season, so how do you think it’s going to feel to be in his position and not have much of a chance to prove himself (and prove the doubters wrong) because Renault have managed to drop the ball yet again?

    I can see where you were going with that last comment about Alonso and Button but I don’t think it’s hugely relevant to where Renault/their customers are.

  2. can’t help but feel sorry for Kvyat, always felt he had plenty of potential if allowed time to develop, but given the polaroid nature of red bull I fear for his future (of course for red bull the future is now). I would say he was thrown out of the frying pan (STR) miles (kilometers if thats your thing) too quickly. Hoping the soon to be unleashed new bull gives him some opportunity to impress before he is written off as another has been over the hill red bull f1 driver (he’s no longer in his teens after all).

    in a similar light I really hope Max stays with STR throughout this year and next…

  3. Kyvat should hopefully have time on his side. He only turned 21 yesterday I believe, even if that does make him a OAP on Red Bulls books.

    • in a sane world maybe, but then again Alguersuari was closer to pampers than depends when he got the boot- should never have held up Seb in practice!

    • If you’ve shown enough potential Red Bull seem to give drivers 3 seasons to prove yourself. I can’t see either driver being outed at the end of the season. In F1 these days if you haven’t shone in 3 years you’d better start looking elsewhere. Paul di Resta found this out as well!

  4. That second quote from Max is also about the Bahrain race. In China he was in 8th position when his Renault exploded 3 laps from the end. Not exactly a sitting duck there.

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